Day 8 The Essex Sea Wall Goes on Forever

Monday 13 April 2015

Maldon to Tollesbury
13 miles
Tollesbury Marina campsite

What a difference a day makes; not a breath of wind for most of the day. My first night camping was a success and I survived the overnight wind and rain. I only woke up cold once and overall I was pretty comfortable; however, it’s the packing up that’s always the worst. As expected it didn’t go as smoothly as I’d have liked and, after managing to get the inside of the tent as wet as the outside, I spent 20 mins in the toilet block drying the tent under the hand dryer. Considering I was charged £12 to camp I was happy I’d paid for the extra electricity. With no cafe open and no will power to get my stove out it was breakfast on the hoof when I finally got going 1hr45 after I woke up. Fortunately it was another beautiful day with hardly anyone about and just the sound of the birds and the smell of the seaweed to complement the stunning views.   

Looking back up Blackwater River to Maldon
Another day walking the Essex sea wall with the saltwater river on one side (they used to collect the salt for Essex cheese) and the Borrowdyke on the other, and generally no one about. Bliss.  

the Borrowdyke and Sea Wall
I did come across Joyce’s field, which is being allowed to re-flood naturally and has a duck decoy lake where thousands of ducks were caught and sent to London to be somebody’s dinner in the 1800s. I also saw 2 people oyster farming, which is what I could have eaten in Maldon if I liked them (I had a prawn sandwich instead).   

Oyster Farming Blackwater River
I made it to Tollesbury Wick Marshes, yet another Essex Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve, but unfortunately no cafe! I found the Marina and set up camp for the night; this time I had to cook as nothing is open in Tollesbury on a Monday.  

Dinner for one – rice with pepper and tomatoes. Yum!


One thought on “Day 8 The Essex Sea Wall Goes on Forever

  1. Chris Frazer April 15, 2015 / 12:28 am

    Juice….when you can it’s worth leaving later and allowing your tent to dry first, the extra weight caused by the wet and pain of it wetting everything else….is an annoyance you can do without. Views look lovely…I see the weather is going to be kind to you a few months…..keep going.


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