Day 9 Strolling along Mersea Beach

Tuesday 14 April 2015

West Mersea to East Mersea
6 miles
Camping at Broman’s Farm

Up early to pack tent and get the bus to Colchester and then out again to West Mersea as I didn’t fancy walking the roads. Had to pack the tent away wet as I couldn’t get it dry and hadn’t sorted anywhere to stay tonight due to no wifi last night. My first admin faff on a stunningly sunny day by the seaside. I am finding out that the admin takes a lot of time (packing tent away, patching feet, pitching tent, washing myself and my underwear at least, drying everything, finding places to stay, booking them, finding food [or cooking it], blogging, mapping next section…have I missed anything?), so much time that it’s a wonder I have any time to walk. Thank goodness it’s been sunny and I’ve had some help with planning, but I am now of the view that 20 miles a day is an impossible target for me and I need to aim for 15 max, certainly at the moment. This will either cut down my trip or lengthen it but I’ll work that out later. Current speed is 2-2.5 mph when taking into account stops for foot care, photos, admire the view, cafes etc. I am slow! But this is meant to be fun. 

All of that preamble was me justifying the bus ride followed by the leisurely 6 mile stroll along Mersea beach in glorious sunshine (I already have a tan so I’ll be weather beaten in a few months) to tonight’s stop. Broman’s Barn was booked up but lovely Jo took pity on me and allowed me to pitch my tent in her garden. She did my washing, let me on wifi and offered me breakfast. At a low ebb earlier in the day when everything seemed impossible Jo’s hospitality cheered me up and gave me hope that it might just all work out.  

Who wouldn’t want to stroll along the beach in this weather?
Beach huts in West Mersea

7 thoughts on “Day 9 Strolling along Mersea Beach

  1. jstumm April 14, 2015 / 6:09 pm

    Sounds like fun! I watched your “interview” twice today, it was very amusing! The 5a class have been planning what they would take on their trips, so more about that tomorrow. And class 6a couldn’t get their heads around you being retired – i think that sentence aged me 20 years in their eyes 😄 Keep up the good blogs, it makes my leasons much easier…


    • Lucy April 14, 2015 / 7:56 pm

      Hey Jodie. If I ever get a chance I can send you a list of my kit bit you can prob guess it. Only 2 sets of clothes and 3 sets of underwear and the rest is mostly camping kit. Good luck 5a


      • jstumm April 15, 2015 / 5:56 am

        No, we don’t need a kit list! Though maybe a picture of you taken from behind so we can see your full rucksack! One group wants to take 365 pairs of pants- no washing for them! But on the plus side, the pack would get less full every day… Heehee


  2. jomunday99 April 14, 2015 / 7:49 pm

    Ooh – I was worried you’d blown away in your tent when there was no blog last night! Glad the camping is going well even if you can’t get the tent dry! I’m also delighted to see your meal that you cooked – looks great! Although this weather is amazing, it is probably making the walking tougher with that pack on your back. Don’t beat yourself up about doing fewer miles – as you say, there is so much more to do than walk!! However I’m sure the admin will become easier and you don’t have to meet any target or challenge – just enjoy it (once your feet recover!) Make the most of all those lovely Brits who give you their hospitality to keep your spirits up. Xxx


    • Lucy April 14, 2015 / 7:55 pm

      Can’t get wifi all the time unfortunately. Thanks for the support though. My dinner wasn’t bad actually but tonight’s chilli and spotted dick in the pub was better


  3. Chris Frazer April 15, 2015 / 12:42 am

    Juice….love the hair, I hope your Bridget’s are hanging off the back of you sack??? If they are that is class…….a lot of style points being awarded.

    Good idea about the bus and also reducing the miles……why not just go with how you feel rather than fixed targets…some days because of all sorts of reasons you won’t get far but others you will exceed your expectations……..

    Don’t mess with busy roads you will end up a mascot on a Ford focus or a HGV hauling vegetables or some such load.

    People are kind and generous and they respond to those who have same virtues…..

    Keep going……..I laughed at another post about being a pensioner… may appear to the children as one depending on how you are walking….bent double using you pole as a stick under weight of your sack oozing water from your wet tent and undergarments…..

    Keep going my friend it is an awesome adventure you have chosen……..


    • Lucy April 15, 2015 / 7:55 pm

      You make me laugh. You should write your own blog, or a book! Reading your comments is reason enough to log onto this blog! So, no Bridget Jones’ hanging off my rucksack…yet. I am wearing them though, the lovely issue ones as they don’t chafe. Happy to get buses and not be splatted on the front of a truck. Keep making me laugh my friend


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