Day 11 The Naze

Thursday 16 April 2015

Circular walk around The Naze
9 miles
2nd night camping at Grange Farm, Thorpe-Le-Soken

I decided to stay put for a day and walk The Naze before heading to Harwich tomorrow. Without the need to pack up my tent I thought I’d make my own breakfast this morning – porridge and green tea (I don’t carry milk) – before heading back to the train station, this time with a much lighter rucksack and no poles. I felt so free. The small town of Walton is not particularly noteworthy, other than having the 2nd longest pier after Southend, as it looks like it’s glory days were in the past. The Naze, however, offers fantastic views and in particular from the top of its Tower, built in 1720 as a navigation point for shipping. 

The Naze Tower – the 2 men at its base are engineers who told me it needs re-pointing so from June will be clad in scaffolding
From here I could see Harwich, Felixstowe and as far as Orford, but it wasn’t bright enough to see Kent today.  

panoramic view from the top of Naze Tower, from Clacton round to Felixstowe
 There’s a lot of military history here as the tower was used in both world wars (by the Navy for hoisting semaphore flags in WW1 and the Army as a radar site in WW2). There are lots of pill boxes; many now in the sea as a result of coastal erosion. Aside from the history there’s also plenty of wildlife and I enjoyed a walk on the sea wall around Walton Marshes, yet another Essex nature reserve. 

After a pot of tea at the Tower Cafe I thought I’d wander back to Frinton as I missed it yesterday rushing for the train. Frinton is definitely the more upmarket of the 3 resorts (Clacton, Frinton and Walton) with its Art Deco houses and quieter feel. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t have a pier with obligatory fun fair?

Got the train back to the campsite, did a bit of washing and was sitting doing nothing hoping it would dry draped over my tent when my neighbour, Jackie, thought I looked cold and made me a cup of tea. Well, before you know it I’ve had tea, coffee, my washing is hung on her line and I’m walking to the shop to buy a bottle of wine while she makes me dinner (Spanish chicken and chorizo rice). I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Jealous of Jackie’s motorhome and thinking I want one. Finished the wine and my washing is now in her tumble dryer…this motorhome has everything!  

Jackie and Dave and their amazing motorhome (it’s not a campervan!)

5 thoughts on “Day 11 The Naze

  1. Chris Frazer April 17, 2015 / 5:37 pm

    Kind people look after their own……..I expect it did you good to have a rest from the path today and tomorrow you will be invigorated and better for it……

    Thinking about the tent weight……with the good weather could you not get away with a bivvy bag ?….a lot lighter and the reduced weight wil allow you to harden your feet? Spike will get you one easily. I laughed at your mentioning all that military history but you forgot about the light blue….surely they had MTB and Radar Stations out there? Obviously not…we can discuss that over a beer in the future………

    Be safe my friend……on on keep going. Green Tea….still yuk what ever you call it!


  2. Dave & jackie April 17, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    Great to meet you Lucy – keep on blogging and slogging – you’ll get there eventually, wherever ‘there’ is! Make sure you keep that hankie clean – and maybe see you in Spain!
    Dave & Jackie


    • Lucy April 18, 2015 / 7:00 am

      Thanks again for looking after me. The hankie went in the laundrette so it’s all clean. Get yourself up that Naze Tower!


  3. jstumm April 17, 2015 / 6:17 pm

    Now that is going to be an interesting blog for 6a. Having watched your interview for the 4th time today, I feel like you are sitting in my living room! And what sticks in my mind is the one child that didn’t quite understand the concept of “lucysWALKaroundbritain”, and asked how often you were going to get off the bus! Another did talk about a motor home, maybe there is something in that idea! And 1 kid did honestly think you were 60 😄. They all wrote down the blog address, so I will have to ask if they looked at it next week. Also, they wanted to know about toilet paper to go with the shovel in scotland!!! Haha. Am loving the blog, it’s fab. Glad to hear you are taking it easy… Love you


    • Lucy April 18, 2015 / 7:06 am

      I love the updates about the kids. I generally hand wash my smalls and t shirt daily, laundrette is a luxury. I’ve been really impressed with the cleanliness of seaside public conveniences so far – no requirement for shovels just yet. I love buses though and will definitely get more. Keep the comments coming. Is Evelyn following on the map?


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