Day 14 The Solitude of the Suffolk Countryside

Sunday 19 April 2015

Hollesley to Blaxhall
14 miles
Blaxhall Youth Hostel

I think my admin is improving as this morning I managed to get up, cook myself porridge and a cup of tea, dry my tent (even though it wasn’t sunny) and all before 9.30 am. A record. 

Today’s walk began with a visit to HMP Hollesley, although not to visit anyone merely to walk through its grounds (I assume at least part of it is an open prison as there was a distinct lack of high walls). I didn’t see any prisoners but I did disturb a herd of deer – neither of us moved for ages and they were a lovely sight in the morning. 

Deer happened upon in a Hollesley field
Then it was a lovely walk along the deserted coastline flanked by salt marshes and fields of sheep.  

Walking the Suffolk Coastal Path with Shingle Street behind me and Orford ahead
 Late morning I reached the Butley River and, fortunately for me, the Butley Ferryman was there waiting to give me a lift across the river in the most sophisticated ferry I’ve been in to date – a rowing boat! I think it’s the same one they’ve been using since the service started in the 16th Century.  

The Butley Ferry
I stopped for lunch at the Quayside tea rooms in Orford, which is a really quaint little town opposite the stretch of shingle that was used for MoD secret stuff for many years. From Orford I turned inland, still following the coastal path as it has to cross the River Alde, and walked through the countryside and Tunstall Forest, headed for the Youth Hostel at Blaxhall. Nice not to have to put my tent up, to have clothes washing facilities and a curry. 

One thought on “Day 14 The Solitude of the Suffolk Countryside

  1. jomunday99 April 19, 2015 / 9:41 pm

    Love the ferry and also love the miles on the weekly map!


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