Youth Hostels Are Interesting Places

After a comfortable night at Blaxhall YH I thought I’d share my experience. There were 7 of us staying here and I was the youngest by about 15 years from geeky walker guy and the rest were all men over 70. More of a Geriatric Hostel. 

So I struck up a conversation with Mr geeky walker and he had walked South from Lowestoft for 2 days checking out some new kit (something I should have done). Like me he had a big pack but was bivvying in an extra small tent that looks like a slug and only weighs 800g. He knew the weight of all his kit (he buys it from a shop where all weights are labelled) and he’s even got special titanium tent pegs that weigh 2g. He was a serious loner and I was mildly concerned that this walk was turning me into someone like him. I am slightly envious that his pack only weighs 9kg (mine is about 15kg) but I don’t want to get too geeky about it. 

The other gentleman I chatted to is Doing a much more civilised trip as he cycles around Suffolk, his home county, to see all the sights he hasn’t seen – 200 miles in 10 days. Mind you he is approaching his 80th birthday, and I think his bike might be too. I enjoyed chatting to him although I’m not sure the feeling was mutual as he wanted to get on with scribbling notes for the book he’s writing about his trip. Look out for a book called One Leg, No Lycra, Adrift on a Cycle around Suffolk by Rob Barber. 

It just proves we’re a strange lot that stay at Youth Hostels!

P.S. I have the same sleeping bag and thermarest as Mr geeky walker, and I learned that I need to walk in shoes and then my feet might not hurt so much. 

3 thoughts on “Youth Hostels Are Interesting Places

  1. chris frazer April 20, 2015 / 7:15 am

    Marshal of the Air (Retd) Juice
    I wonder what they wrote about you??? Ex forces type……etc etc
    What are you wearing on your feet if he is suggesting shoes?
    15kg is too much especially as you are not roughing it every night perhaps investing in kit to reduce the weight will pay off between 2000-6000 mile stages….only a thought.
    If you can afford it I would keep away from YH they don’t sound very pleasant and you get a diverse clientele…be careful
    Remember even you are vulnerable to Kryptonite.
    On on General Melchete


    • Lucy April 20, 2015 / 6:56 pm

      You are right, I am just as strange. I am wearing boots because I have bad ankles so wanted sturdiness but I think I need to get a pair of ankle height lightweight shoes. I could reduce my pack by about 3kg if I bought a lightweight tent and rucksack but after that it’s difficult. I am going for reducing my own weight first! I am surprised at you saying 15kg is too heavy – I thought that was the light weight for girls and the RLC and real soldiers carried at least 25kg! Sorry if I gave the wrong impression of the YH, the people were fine, just slightly strange (so I probably fit right in). As ever Chris, thanks for the comments and keeping me going


  2. vaneesaa April 20, 2015 / 8:15 am

    Hilarious ….. Xxx


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