WEEK 3 – Blaxhall, Suffolk to Burnham Deepdale, N Norfolk


109 miles walked
(total 270 miles)

What a great week. There was a lot of wildlife and time spent walking along the beach in glorious April sunshine. This week was all about the views and the changing landscapes. These are some of my highlights and observations: 

  • Best view – walking from Dunwich to Southwold and coming out of the woods to views of the sun glinting off the meres on either side of the path to the sea. 
  • Quirkiest place – The Hill House Inn, Happisburgh. 
  • Prettiest Town – Cley-Next-The-Sea with its beautiful windmill located on a hill at the edge of the marshes. 
  • Best campsite – Burnham Deepdale was clean, friendly and well located. 
  • Accommodation in Norfolk is hard to find – I struggled to find campsites on the coast that will take a tent (static caravans rule) and guest houses are busy, even on weekdays in April. 

Despite a detour midweek to buy new boots I still averaged 15 miles a day. The new boots seemed to instantly solve my foot problems and the detour to Norwich gave me a good view of the Norfolk Broads. The Broads reminded me of Holland; flat with lots of water channels and windmills (I didn’t see any tulips or clogs). 

It was a fairly solitary week so it was extra nice to meet Chris’s Aunt Mary for a proper chat. 

A stunning week with some big highlights. 

    3 thoughts on “WEEK 3 – Blaxhall, Suffolk to Burnham Deepdale, N Norfolk

    1. chris frazer April 29, 2015 / 3:55 am

      Brilliant absolutely brilliant……keep going dear Juice. Very envious. 16 miles a day is a great achievement especially with the delays due to wet tents etc etc……well done my friend.


    2. Ffion April 30, 2015 / 9:04 am

      Looks like your having a fantastic walk, I’m learning the history as you travel.
      I hope the weather is better today.


      • Lucy April 30, 2015 / 6:27 pm

        Hi Ffion. I’m learning all this history as I go as well. So far it’s been an excellent trip and well worth it.


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