Day 31 Sunny Saltfleet to Grim Grimsby

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Saltfleet to Grimsby
20 miles
The Pink Butterfly B&B

A really early start this morning to try and beat the rain meant full cooked breakfast at 6am and on the road at 6.30am. This ensured at least a couple of hours of brilliant blue sky and sunshine as I made my way along the edge of the mud flats to Donna Nook with just the birds for company. At times it was difficult to see the sea; it looked so far away across the samphire beds and the flats.  

beautiful early morning view across the Saltfleet mud flats
 It didn’t take long for the MoD warning signs to appear telling me not to stray into the bombing range. Donna Nook is well known for 2 things: the RAF bombing range and the huge seal colony (according to Alan from The Crown there were 1500 seal pups last year). I could easily spot the bombing range targets, which included fake tanks made of wire and netting, but the seals were harder to see as they looked to be at least a kilometre away near the shoreline. I decided not to venture out to see them.  

There are enemy tanks in the sea!
Aliens have landed at Donna Nook!
 From Donna Nook the coastline starts turning West towards the mouth of the Humber and I could see the lighthouse at Spurn Head. The next 7 miles were all on sea wall and the wind was starting to gust as strongly as yesterday so that made the going harder, and less of a straight line! At 0958 (according to my civilian watch) the RAF started bombing Donna Nook but I was already long gone. I watched a couple of jets dive down from the clouds and then climb up again quickly, but it was difficult to stand still in the wind and to see the aircraft with the clouds now covering the sky. 

The rain came at 11 am, just as I reached Humberston, and I donned full waterproofs for the rest of the day. I walked past the village of pre-fab houses and arrived at the miniature steam train station at the same time as a train. What luck. No sense in walking 2 miles in the rain if I can get a steam train along the front. 

Geoff driving the Humberston to Cleethorpes steam train
 I found out afterwards that I missed the Northernmost point where you can stand straddling the Greenwich Meridian, but instead I had a good chat with Geoff the train driver and 2 policemen, and got a tip for great fish and chips. I was happy with the trade off and made my way along the Cleethorpes sea front to The Captain’s Table for the best fish and chips in town.  

I must be ‘up North’ as I’ve got bread and butter with my dinner
 Cleethorpes likes the Britain in Bloom competition and I would definitely vote for it. The best flower beds I’ve seen so far by a country mile.  

The Cleethorpes promenade
 After lunch I carried on to Grimsby having decided that camping in this weather was not going to be fun (besides I’d already passed my campsite on the train) and there was bound to be some accommodation in Grimsby. Four hours later I landed at The Pink Butterfly B&B where the Italian owner, Franco, made me a cup of tea and told me there is a shortage of accommodation in Grimsby. I was lucky. I had walked for miles through the town but hadn’t really seen a lot. Every cafe I found was boarded up yet I saw lots of houses being renovated. I know the rain didn’t help but it’s not the most attractive town. I walked to the Fish Dock but later found out it’s been many years since any catches were landed there, these days it’s full of fish processing factories owned by companies like Youngs and Birds Eye and the fish is brought in on lorries from Scotland. What a shame. All the industry now comes from the many power stations and wind farms (most guest houses up the Lincolnshire coast seem to be full of contractors, leaving few rooms left for coast walkers). It seems this area is an entry point for undersea crude oil pipelines, one of which I walked underneath earlier in the day as it rose out of the ground into a bridge over the sea wall.  

A crude oil pipeline rising from the ground with the terminal in the background

6 thoughts on “Day 31 Sunny Saltfleet to Grim Grimsby

  1. chris frazer May 7, 2015 / 3:59 am

    Juice…….enjoyed your post very much. Lunch looked delicious even with the mushy peas and white slice daubed in butter. Keep going Marshal of the Air (Retd).

    Out of interest do you tell people you are a pensioner and therefore deserving of discount????


    • Lucy May 7, 2015 / 4:54 am

      I don’t think I qualify but thanks for the tip


  2. jomunday99 May 7, 2015 / 6:18 am

    What a long day of walking! The wind in London and Reading has been incredible and pretty cold too so I’ve been thinking of you, and glad you’ve got your sticks to keep you upright! Love the steam train!


  3. jstumm May 7, 2015 / 12:57 pm

    I’m glad to see you are eating heathily!


  4. Nicki Carberry-Rogers May 10, 2015 / 1:53 pm

    Angie has just shown me your blog and I LOVED the dress cats – soo funny but then I wanted to read from the beginning so that I could really follow your trail and I was dying to see your comments on Essex – particularly the visit to Basildon and Pitsea. I cannot believe that you could be so complimentary about those towns! I think I will take a trip to the Star though the next time I go home as that sounded fab.


    • Lucy May 10, 2015 / 8:40 pm

      Hi Nicki. Posting images of oneself in underwear on the Internet is definitely good for publicity! I heartily recommend the fish and chips at the Star Inn. The owner was lovely. Glad you’re enjoying the read!


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