Day 32 The Industrial Humber

Thursday 7 May 2015 (Election Day)

Grimsby to New Holland, near Barton-Upon-Humber
14 miles
Marshland Alpacas Campsite

Is there something going on today? Thank goodness for postal voting! After a ‘continental breakfast’ of stale pain au beurre from Asda, toast and cereal, I said goodbye to Franco and headed back into Grimsby town centre to catch the bus to Immingham. I should put a word in for Franco because he was lovely, and lonely, and desperate to sell up and head back to his native Southern Italy. He was very kind and did my washing, which was a great help. He doesn’t think much of Grimsby and he’s lived there for 25 years; his judgement might be clouded by his marriage break up, but then again…

I decided to get the bus around the industrial power stations and works that litter the Humber coastline to the West of Grimsby. When I got off the bus I only had one power station to negotiate around and that was difficult enough. I first walked through Immingham and the lovely little kids park with the nature trail and its bug and bird houses, then along a dual carriageway and finally down the minor roads leading to the power station. It was here I feared for my life as the lorries came hurtling past and I kept having to brace myself to survive the shock waves that followed them. I made it onto the concrete footpath along the river bank and in the middle of so much industry; it had its own kind of beauty.  

Looking left…
Looking right (at the Humber LPG Terminal)
As soon as I got past the rumble of all the lorries and heavy machinery a strange quiet descended and once again I could hear all the birds, who seem to like places like this where they are generally undisturbed. Not a day goes by that I don’t see oystercatchers, and I’ve also seen plenty of kestrels and egrets, as well as a few waders dotted about. 

It was a long and solitary walk along the concrete sea wall but it was pleasantly warm and a lot less windy than the last couple of days.   

Killingholme lighthouses on the South bank of the Humber
I got a good view across the river at Kingston Upon Hull (sounds much grander than plain old Hull).  

Kingston Upon Hull from across the Humber
I think today I saw at least 4 power stations (on both sides of the river), numerous towers, pipelines, ships and walked through the container port that is Humber Sea Terminal. A very industrious walk.

Back to camping tonight. Arrived along with the rain so pitched and then lay in tent for a while wondering what to do next. Nearest pub without a guaranteed fight(!) was 1.5 miles away, or else it would be take away Chinese. I opted for the walk and was rewarded with steak-night, wifi and Timothy Taylor’s Landlord beer. Glad I made the effort, particularly when I realised it had been 30 hours since my last decent meal (sorry Franco but the cereal didn’t cut it). 


4 thoughts on “Day 32 The Industrial Humber

  1. jomunday99 May 7, 2015 / 9:50 pm

    Hi Luce. I just looked at the map. I’ve been intrigued about where you’ll cross the Humber. It looks as though you’re near a bridge – will you cross or go further inland? I have to say it’s keeping me more on the edge of my seat than the election! Today we went to bucklebury farm (kids’ school closed for polling). It was wonderfully quiet and I had the best bacon roll ever from Woodys cafe at the farm. Quite expensive but very good! I hope you don’t have to endure too many continental breakfasts! After just 3 weeks of eating in pubs during our lands end to john o groats cycle ride, I didn’t want to eat another chip in my life!!


    • Lucy May 9, 2015 / 8:43 pm

      By now you’ll know I crossed the Humber Bridge; no need to add more miles than necessary! I get what you’re saying about chips, before this week it was cooked breakfasts for me but they are the best fuel and I am missing them now I haven’t had one for 4 days


  2. Chris Frazer May 8, 2015 / 5:41 am

    Lovely post….I feel for Franco. The sooner you are past that grotty bit the better…..Yorkshire will be beuatful in parts but Middlesborough and Sunderland will make you think back to Day 32. Keep going……on on for pensioners everywhere!


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