Day 34 The Windy Humber!

Saturday 9 May 2015

Paull Holme to Kilnsea
15 miles
Driftwood campsite

I was disappointed with last night’s B&B. Now that I’ve stayed in a number of guest houses I feel like I’m getting a feel of what I should expect for my money and Paull Holme Farm was wildly overpriced so I was annoyed. My main gripes were the state of the mattress (if they paid more than a tenner for it they were overcharged) and the lack of a breakfast. For £45 I expected more than a DIY continental breakfast. They had free range chickens and not an egg in sight for guests. I felt cheated. Still, this is the only place I’ve ever stayed with a flood assembly point. Yet more proof that the flood defences need bolstering I guess. 

I set off along said sea defences with good views across the Humber to the power stations I avoided in Grimsby.  

Looking across the Humber towards Grimsby
 The walking was made difficult by the strongest (and unforecast) winds I’ve experienced to date. Even with my outriggers I was struggling to stand up. It was so bad that when I reached the small harbour of Stone Creek I decided to walk inland to the town of Patrington and get a bus. It meant a few miles on the road but so be it, I couldn’t lift my head long enough to look at the view on the sea wall anyway. I did see a deer and a heron but other than that there wasn’t much to look at.  

Look at the wind whipping up the water
 Just as it started drizzling I arrived in Patrington and headed straight for the only cafe I could find that was open (I had already past a pub and a cafe that were closed). A quick refreshment was in order before the bus arrived and whisked me to Easington. From there it was another 3 miles to Kilnsea and half of that was along the river again with great views of Spurn Point. Fortunately the wind had calmed down a bit.  

 I arrived at The campsite in good time to pitch my tent, grab a shower and head to the pub. Would you believe it, the pub that does food 365 days of the year had a staff shortage and wasn’t serving food. This keeps happening to me! I couldn’t believe it. I was tipped off that the caravan park might serve food in their cafe so that was my only hope. Well I managed to get something to eat, although it wasn’t what I was hoping for. I had an Angus beef burger and a baked potato with beans (safest things I could find) and they were served to me in 2 styrofoam cartons…maybe they’d run out of plates? The people were lovely and everyone in the whole place was interested in my trip and helping me with tide times and the like. Once I’d eaten I went back to the Crown and Anchor pub for another pint, wifi and a power socket. The people there were also lovely and Jean even sorted me out some sticky toffee pudding, so it all worked out in the end. To top it off the sun came out and there was a lovely sunset with the lights of Grimsby glowing from across the river. 

3 thoughts on “Day 34 The Windy Humber!

  1. chris frazer May 10, 2015 / 3:55 am

    Meeting good people, sampling delicious (and not so) food, some of it even served on plates, poor mattresses in rip off B&Bs all this as well as seeing the delightful UK coastline (and some of the less scenic vistas) I am envious….
    Army beat the Navy BTW (33-19)!
    Keep going Marshal of the Air (Retd)……your posts brighten up my day…..


  2. jstumm May 10, 2015 / 5:07 am

    With all your B&B experience, you could start a nice little place of your own…


  3. Chris Thornton May 10, 2015 / 8:15 am

    Nice to have met you in the pub last night. Good luck with the rest of the walk.


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