WEEK 5 – Skegness to Withernsea, Yorkshire


113 miles
(total 454 miles)

A lot of mileage covered this week and not enough decent food eaten. In case I had any doubt before, I have confirmed that this army definitely marches on her stomach and gets grumpy if she doesn’t eat good, cooked food regularly. I seemed to be rather unlucky this week with pubs and cafes being closed, or not serving food, or just being plain rubbish. I not ate 4 decent cooked meals this week and it definitely affected my morale. Whilst on the subject of food, I’ve also learned on this trip that nothing beats a cooked breakfast; porridge doesn’t come close and cereal is not even worth a mention (even frangipane tarts that have so many chemicals in them they never go off beat cereal). 

The weather turned cooler and a lot windier this week, and this made the walking harder. The main feature of the week was without doubt the Humber, with its industry, wildlife and a fantastic bridge. There were a lot of power stations that I passed this week, and lots of industrial output. Every guest house was full of contractors so people are busy in this part of the world, just not necessarily the people who live here permanently. 

My main conclusion for this week has been that as someone who’s not that fond of people I’m amazed how much this trip is becoming about the people I meet. I thought it would be all about the places I visit, but the places have even been usurped by the walking at points this week. I need to keep a balance so the walking is just the means to see the places, and then I’m happy if the people I meet make the places special. 

Thanks to all the lovely people I’ve met this week, without whom I would have had a tougher and less interesting time. 

5 thoughts on “WEEK 5 – Skegness to Withernsea, Yorkshire

  1. Val K May 10, 2015 / 9:19 pm

    Wow Luc 4 blogs in two days what a treat. It really does concern me that a lot of your food
    this week has been rubbish, perhaps we should be sending you food parcels to be picked
    up at designated spots! Can’t wait for the next instalment. Val x


    • Lucy May 10, 2015 / 9:39 pm

      Hi Val. It was concerning me too, and I did think at one point I might need food parcels. One nice meal this afternoon and all is well again…it doesn’t take much!


  2. Donna Munday May 10, 2015 / 11:31 pm

    Luc, when will you get to Scarborough? I know a lot of people at the theatre there, and it’s a really short walk from the sea to the theatre, I am sure I can get someone to cook you a nice dinner.


    • Lucy May 11, 2015 / 8:36 pm

      Thanks Donna but luckily my friend Helen’s cousin lives in Scarborough and is putting me up for the night. I’m still open for other offers though


  3. chris frazer May 11, 2015 / 6:11 am

    Well Done Juice…that is some serious mileage you are wracking up there my friend. Its a shame the east cost above Norfolk is not that scenic….perhaps some would say the coastal erosion may be a good thing to rid the country of all the static caravans and derelict tired towns of yesterday’s era. Food is key and yes it needs to be good, wholesome and hot. Its easy to be kind to a kind person even if that person thinks of themselves as ‘someone who is not that fond of people’……Its a good job that people are like you and have helped (or at least tried) to help like the guys in the pub, the B&B ladies and most recently Raymond and Sandra……what stars….especially Raymond.


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