Day 38 The Cleveland Way to Scarborough

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Reighton Gap, near Filey to Scarborough
19 miles
Hosted by Hels’ cousin, Marie

I woke to a gloriously sunny morning and a wonderful view across Filey Bay.  

Filey Beach just before I walked along it
Filey has a nice looking sea front with some lovely old buildings. It looked quite small until I walked around the headland and saw the smaller mass of suburbia that sits behind the genteel sea front. I stopped for a coffee and  a bacon and egg buttie and thought about taking a dip, then the clouds started appearing so I didn’t bother. Instead I walked up the cliff and onto the Carr Naze promontary that overlooks Filey Brigg, which is essentially a bunch of rocks that get covered with the tide. Great for rock pooling at low tide apparently.  

Looking out at Filey Brigg
Carr Naze affords great views all round, hence the Romans had a signal station here.   

Fishing from a coble in File Bay
Looking back at Filey from Carr Naze
Also on the headland is a rocket pole that was put there by the Filey Volunteer Life Saving Rocket Company in 1872.  

someone had to stand on the top of this pole pretending to be on a stricken cargo ship and have a rescue line rocket launched at them!
Filey is the start of the Cleveland Way long distance walk and several people asked me if I was walking it. I generally said “yes, and a bit further”. The headland walk all the way to Scarborough was lovely with great views and plenty of birds to watch. Today I saw cormorants nesting on the cliffs and kestrels, although I didn’t see any of the 4 pairs of peregrine falcons that are in the area.  

Stunning cliffs at Lebersten
After Clayton Bay there were several ups and downs as the path weaved its way over the cliffs and through the woods before coming out at Scarborough’s South Bay.  

Looking from South Bay to Scarborough town and the castle on the cliff
Like Filey, Scarborough looks almost regal from the front with its large and imposing buildings. The first one is the Spa theatre (there was one of those in Bridlington too) with its deckchairs and curved glass window. Then there’s the elaborate footbridge that joins the South Cliff to the main town and the Grand Hotel. All relics of Scarborough’s heyday in the 1930s. I wandered around the town taking in as many sights as possible, walked up to the castle walls for a great view of the town and over the top to North Bay.  
Looking down at the harbour from the castle walls, the Wolds in the background
The keep at Scarborough Castle
North Bay has lots of imposing guest houses (and ex-guest houses) looking down on it and the sun was out again as I walked to Marie’s house.  

The view to the castle from North Bay
Marie is my friend Helen’s cousin and she kindly agreed to put me up for the night. Marie is an animal workshop provider and I got a tour of her animals, the snakes, tarantulas, rat, sugar gliders, salamanders and more.  

Me and Lily the Brazilian Black Tarantula

6 thoughts on “Day 38 The Cleveland Way to Scarborough

  1. chris frazer May 14, 2015 / 4:08 am

    Juice….bit of an understatement that…..’and a bit further’…..Lovely piccys….I bet its grim in winter on those exposed cliffs…..makes me shiver just thinking about it, it was 32 at 0515 this morning when I drove to work…….it will rise to 45 in the afternoon. You can keep the spiders and snakes etc irrespective of their pretty names…..not my bag.


    • Lucy May 14, 2015 / 7:31 pm

      You can keep your sweltering heat – I prefer tarantulas!


  2. Val K May 14, 2015 / 9:15 am

    Luc when Tom and I arrived in Scarborough all I can remember is trying to get out of the car and
    it was so windy as I tried to open the door the wind buffeted the car so violently it nearly tore
    the door off its hinges. It was such a wild day quite exciting and memorable . Your experience
    sounds better. Val x


    • Lucy May 14, 2015 / 7:32 pm

      It was another lovely day. I didn’t have any car doors to open though.


  3. jstumm May 14, 2015 / 4:18 pm

    Wow, great spider, that is the pick of the pics so far, at least for the kids – you should have heard Peter squeal


    • Lucy May 14, 2015 / 7:33 pm

      We need to toughen him up! Glad the kids liked it


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