WEEK 7 Whitby to Craster, Northumberland


106 miles
(total 632 miles)

An industrial week bookended by the beauty of N Yorkshire and Northumberland; the meat of the week being spent in Teeside and Tyne and Wear. No camping this week as there were no campsites, and some of the weather was pretty bad anyway (huge hail stones in Middlesbrough). Staying in guest houses made for an expensive week which, considering some of the poor quality food and accommodation this week, made it particularly annoying. I also had difficulty finding much of this week’s accommodation and that meant I spent too many frustrating hours trying to plan, which is exhausting. Thursday evening was a real low point when I spent 4 hours on the internet, didn’t get any dinner and had yet another late night. It was unfortunate timing approaching a holiday area on a Bank Holiday weekend. 

It’s nice to have way marked paths on my route; however, there were a few this week where the signs can’t have been erected by anyone who actually walked the routes as they led to dead-ends, or were in places not clearly visible, or came after a path junction. The clear winner of the worst path of the week competition is the Teeside Way. I don’t recommend it. 

On the plus side, the view of Middlesbrough as I came over the cliff to Saltburn was so moody and fantastic under leaden skys, and the Durham coast is stunning, and then there are the Northumberland beaches and pretty towns. Definitely some magical moments. 

There has been a lot of flora and fauna on this trip and this week it was particularly good. I have seen so many bluebells in the sand dunes, a Northern Marsh Orchid and plenty of wild garlic.  

Bluebells and flowers at Lyne Bay near Newbiggin
Northern Marsh Orchid on the Durham coast

One thought on “WEEK 7 Whitby to Craster, Northumberland

  1. chris frazer May 28, 2015 / 3:17 am

    Beautiful pictures, lovely descriptive post and some very good mileage….JWD Marshal of the Air (Retd)….keep going on on Airwomen Blackadder….seriously well done Juice.


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