Day 60 Into the Kingdom of Fife

Thursday 4 June 2015

North Queensferry to Kirkcaldy
18 miles
Ali’s house

It was a slightly protracted commute today as I got the bus into Edinburgh centre and then the train out to Fife. I did enjoy the opportunity to go over the proper Forth Bridge this time. I got off the train at North Queensferry and immediately walked through Carlingnose Point wildlife reserve and past the whinstone quarry as I set off on the Fife Coast Path. It’s nice to walk on a way-marked coast path, although sometimes I am slightly perplexed when they veer away from the coast and I can find a more coastal route. This happened a couple of times today but it was all good fun. 

There was a wee bit of a haar today on the Forth (translation: a little bit of fog) so the views were a bit hazy and didn’t make for the best photos. I could still see loads though, all the islands and the Pentland Hills looming behind Edinburgh. 

The Fife hills rising behind Dalgety Bay
 Dalgety Bay and Aberdour had some quite large houses overlooking the Forth and there was a nice pathway weaving along the shore almost until Braefoot Point. There were lots of signs around Dalgety Bay warning of high levels of radiation (no explanation) so don’t eat the shellfish! There wasn’t much wind today and, with the haar and the rocky shoreline, there was an eerie air about the place. Although it was raining for a couple of hours it was so light that I didn’t even need to put on a waterproof as I didn’t really get wet. Very strange.  
Looking out across Dalgety Bay to Braefoot Point and Inchcolm island
Walking from Dalgety Bay to Aberdour was one of those bits where the coast path went inland and I decided to walk along a different path that looked like it would get closer to the coast. I ended up walking through a beautiful wood, down a steep hill to Braefoot Point, along a rocky shore (saying hello to a couple of seals) and then scrambled back up a big hill to get around the Braefoot Bay Gas Terminal.  
beautiful wood at Braefoot
Looking back to the bridge from Braefoot- eerie through the haar
 I stopped for a spot of lunch in Aberdour before pressing on to Burntisland, walking alongside the railway line. 

Aberdour beach
Aberdour port
 Burntisland seemed a bit more rundown and I had to do the walk to Kinghorn along the main road as the tide was in and so there was no beach. Kinghorn was very pretty, tumbling off a tall cliff.  

 The last stretch was along a more rugged path sandwiched between the sea and the railway line. It was a chance to watch lots of Eider duck families and scan the Forth for Killer whales (some had been sighted near the Isle of May today but I didn’t see them unfortunately). Kirkcaldy is a large town and not the prettiest. Lots of rubbish on the beach and blowing against the barbed wire fences separating the empty shells of buildings from the beach. Shame. I headed into the town centre to the train station and the commute back to Dalkeith.  


One thought on “Day 60 Into the Kingdom of Fife

  1. Chris Frazer June 5, 2015 / 12:33 pm

    Grey and miserable….apt description for Gordon Browns constituency……hope it gets better as you head north……on on Marshal of the Air (Retd) well done


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