Day 74 St Andrews and a walk through the forest

Thursday 18 June 2015

St Andrews to Tayport (the Tay Bridge)
19 miles
Ruth’s house 

I caught the bus to St Andrews and was so early I had the town to myself as I wandered around the streets admiring the beautiful buildings, many of which seem to belong to the University. I stopped at the only cafe that was open early and then wandered down to the golf course, which was a lot busier. St Andrews was gearing up for The Open in a few weeks and the golf course was full of players, staff and many contractors putting up stands and things. I hadn’t realised there were actually 6 courses here on this prime spot of land that pokes out into the River Eden estuary. I could probably have walked down the golf courses right to the estuary, but I couldn’t be bothered with all the golf avoidance so I just crossed the 18th in front of the stands (I think women are allowed here now) and made my way past the big hotel and onto the cycle path to Guardbridge.  

No crowds to welcome me onto the 18th
 The cycle path unfortunately went closer to the main road than the estuary so there was nothing to see until I could cross the river at Guardbridge. 

Crossing the River Eden at Guardbridge, papermill in the distance
  I walked along the road past the rundown old papermill and through Leuchars village, past the old RAF base. From here it was into Tentsmuir Forest, which occupies the corner that comes round into the Firth of Tay. It was a long walk through the trees and there was no one about. Then all of a sudden I was in a clearing and there were picnic tables and a van selling crepes (still no people). Amazing. Naturally I felt obliged to stop for some lunch, which included a Nutella and banana crepe. Yum.  

Long, straight forest tracks
 I did venture it of the forest onto Tentsmuir Sands, but the walking was easier on the forest tracks as it was quite windy. I passed an old ice house that had been used to keep ice for packing fish for transportation.  

An old ice house
 Coming out of the forest at Tayport there were good views across the Tay to Dundee and Broughty Ferry.  

The beach at Tayport looking across the Firth of Tay
 Yet more cycle tracks to reach the Tay Bridge and from there I caught the bus back to Wormit. 

One thought on “Day 74 St Andrews and a walk through the forest

  1. Chris Frazer June 27, 2015 / 4:53 am

    Brilliant post…..six courses I never knew that…….no Adders basking though??? On on Miss Trailblazer….what happens next on your adventure?


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