WEEK 13 – Cullen, Moray to Evanton, Easter Ross


  76 miles

(total 1,051 miles)

So I’m officially 3 calendar months into my trip and have completed less walking and more bus riding than I was anticipating. I am still achieving my aim of seeing the coastal parts of the country although it does seem to be getting more difficult in many ways further North. 
After the miserable weather the preceding 3 weeks, this week has been much better (except for Saturday morning) and we even had a heatwave! Some of the coastline, particularly around Lossiemouth, is wonderful. Not so much wildlife this week but plenty of Moray Firth dolphins; I was treated to two sightings this week. 
It was great to be hosted by Dave and Cally, who looked after me well and sheltered me from the heatwave. I am pleased that I inspired Cally and her daughter to wild camp on Friday; they got to go home before Saturday’s rain arrived!
I have been a little surprised by the prices this far North. I was expecting a bit of a North-South divide but I have found accommodation and meals out cost the same, or more, than at home. The difference is the volume of restaurants and pubs, of which there are a lot fewer than down South. I have been surprised by the distinct lack of pubs. Not every town has one and, if they do, they can look more like drinking dens (often with no windows) than the sorts of pubs I’m used to. Many of them don’t sell beer either, only lager.  

The Kilmuir phone box looking back at the bridge across the Moray Firth

One thought on “WEEK 13 – Cullen, Moray to Evanton, Easter Ross

  1. Chris Frazer July 7, 2015 / 5:11 pm

    Quadruple figures you are smashing this….Don’t worry about buses, taxis and thumping lifts it’s necessary to stop you bring a mascot on one of Eddie Stobart’s Scanias’. Reference accom and feeding…it’s supply and demand, there is no competition so they charge what they want….ouch! On on Marshal of the Air (Retd)……seriously impressive figures……


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