Day 115 Arisaig Highland Games

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Rest Day

Silversands campsite, Arisaig

The rain eased off during the night and the order of the day was wind instead (and a bit of rain but also a bit of sun). I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of attending a Highland Games whilst up here and this one was right opposite my campsite. 

There was a big arena with a ‘running track’ marked with flags placed in a circle and a wooden stage in the corner. A pipe band led a the Clan Ranald representatives onto the field and the Clan Ranald chief made a speech (he sang a Gaelic song) to open the Games.  

Marching into the arena
The Opening Ceremony
 There was plenty going on. The ‘Heavies’ competition (big men throwing all different weights and tossing the caber) went on all afternoon in the middle of the arena with other competitions going on around it. I saw highland dancing, bagpiping, running races, high jump and long jump. It was all good fun and there was prize money on offer (£100 for winning a bagpiping competition, £10 for a highland dancing event).  

The Heavies putting the shot
Another throwing competition (there were many)
Tossing the caber (don’t try this at home!)
 People had come from far and wide to watch, and indeed to take part – an Aussie lady won all the highland dancing trophies and a Canadian was competing in the Heavies. Most of the running races were open events that anyone could enter but unfortunately I had left my trainers at home.  

Highland dancing competition
More Highland dancing
The 100 yd dash
 The bagpiping competition apparently was a very high standard and had 3 professional pipers in it. I was told the man who won is considered to be one of the top pipers in the world. I was supporting the young guy from Hong Kong who was representing the RAF (I have no idea how this came about as he wasn’t very talkative).  

The piping competition (the judges looked the best!)
Andrew representing the RAF – stunning backdrop!
A great fun day out! 

 In the evening I drove along Loch Morar, just inland of Mallaig, as it was quite a nice evening. Such a beautiful, peaceful loch. 

Loch Morar
A fisherman at sunset on Loch Morar

One thought on “Day 115 Arisaig Highland Games

  1. chris frazer August 2, 2015 / 9:03 am

    Magnificent…..Did you not fancy trying wither the dancing or the Caber toss yourself? I hope there was lots of homemade goodies to eat to allow you to stock up?


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