WEEK 16 – Durness to Dornie, Ross-shire


24 miles walked, 500+ miles driven

(total 1,143 miles walked)

The first week of my driving tour of West Scotland. It has rained a lot again and what little walking I have done was very boggy so I felt vindicated in my decision to drive. Anyway, what a great drive! The roads up here are twisty, turny, tiny weeny and have great views; just made for fun driving. 

I have seen a lot this week as I have covered so much ground. On the plus side I have undoubtedly covered more places and stopped at more heritage centres and the like than I would have done walking. I have also stayed relatively dry. On the flip side, I have found that I do miss the actual walking and of course I don’t see as much wildlife this way. The trade off is pretty much places for wildlife. 
I have been fortunate in this whistle stop tour of NW Scotland to get a flavour of the history of the area, which I have really enjoyed. It has been interesting to be able to link some of the events and places together as I go along. 
I have been struck by the large numbers of foreign tourists, campervans and cyclists in the Highlands. It seems to be just the English (well anyone living South of Yorkshire) who don’t really come to Scotland. 
The scenery all week has been utterly breathtaking, even in bad weather. I have noticed it changing as I move South as well; less lumpy and rocky and more mountains. The houses seem to be becoming better maintained as well. The crofters house has been the symbol of the week and the majority of housing is still based on this simple style.   

A crofter’s cottage
Smarter crofter’s cottages
Some have been whitewashed and had an upstairs added
A new one, bigger
Clad it in wood and add big windows


One thought on “WEEK 16 – Durness to Dornie, Ross-shire

  1. chris frazer August 2, 2015 / 8:49 am

    juice you have covered some distance this week. Not how you had hoped to do it but pragmatic as always due to a distinct lack of footpaths…….Kevin McLeod (Changing Rooms) would proud of those Crofters houses piccys……well done…keep going.


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