WEEK 19-21 At Home

Sunday 9 August to Wednesday 26 August

Rest weeks

At home (mostly)

Needing to relinquish the hire car, getting close to leaving Scotland and just wanting to go home all combined into a plan to drive back down South, drop the car at Heathrow Airport and have some time at home. 

I had a lovely couple of weeks off from my trip, didn’t give it any real thought and lapsed on my blog. I did however manage to do the following: see my mum, do the gardening, visit friends and family, go to my local pub, see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet (thanks Donna), take a guided tour around Westminster Palace (highly recommended), visit Birmingham library (also recommended), watch 2 Eurohockey matches and go to a wedding. I also ate and drank too much. I need to get walking again!

To aid my walking I managed to exchange my boots for a new pair, thanks to Cotswold Outdoors for that. The pair of Salomons I bought in Norwich had developed a split near the little toe (down to over use!) and because I’d only had them just over 3 months I was able to exchange them for free. Fortunately the shop assistant didn’t ask how much they’d been used as I’ve walked over 800 miles in them and worn them every day through sand, salt water and bogs. Bonus. 

One thought on “WEEK 19-21 At Home

  1. chris frazer August 29, 2015 / 9:30 am

    Admin sorted….now to the task in hand ……those miles are not going to walk themselves. Birmingham library??????? Must be stocking up on Yamyow translations for the Kindle????? On on Marshal of the Air (Retd)……


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