Day 172 Battered by the Wind

Thursday 24 September 2015

Skinburness to Allonby

16 miles

Ade and Jackie’s house

Yesterday had been a late finish and I could still feel the effort to cross the marsh in my legs. Today was to be no easier as we were walking into a 25+ mph headwind nearly all day. Oh joy. 

The first part was lovely; a walk out to Grune Point along a spit of sand and dunes. We found a well preserved pill box hidden in the bushes; it was made of sandbags that had cemented over time. From here we faced the huge MOD aerial array across Moricambe Bay at Anthorn. This structure had been leering at us all day yesterday and we always seemed to be behind it wherever we were.  

Walking towards Grune Point and the Anthorn aerials
 As we turned around at Grune Point the Galloway coast was looming across the Solway Firth and we bent almost double trying to walk into the wind. The water was being whipped up into choppy waves.  

Sea-side of Grune Point – a lovely, windy beach
 Silloth was just along the (pebbled) beach. We stopped in the park, behind some tall trees, for a break from the wind and our morning hot chocolate and treats. All too soon we were back fighting our way along the beach and the dunes all the way to Allonby. Occasionally a path was visible and sometimes it wasn’t. Either way my legs were cut to ribbons by the maram grass that was wind blown straight into me. It was quite a painful walk.  

The Silloth lighthouse
 Conversation was more difficult today as generally we were walking single file and the force of the wind prevented me from hearing anything. We got some good views of birds on the shoreline; oyster catchers and curlews were prevalent amongst the gulls.  

A beautiful little garden in Silloth’s park on the seafront
 Allonby was a colourful little town facing the sea. It was just after here that we headed inland and back to Ade and Jackie’s house. We had an interesting altercation with some cows who chased us out of their field. We actually had to run for the stile. Fortunately we made it before they arrived snorting and mooing at us.  

Colourful and interesting houses at Allonby
 Not as long a day as yesterday but another good walk. I had really enjoyed having walking company.  

  Another evening in front of the fire. Bliss. The heavens opened early evening and I was very glad I wasn’t camping. 

One thought on “Day 172 Battered by the Wind

  1. chris frazer October 1, 2015 / 8:46 am

    Pity the wind was not behind you………..on on Juice keep going.


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