Day 173 Wind Farms and Coal Mining Towns

Friday 25 September 2015

Maryport to Whitehaven

15 miles

Mark and Jenny’s house, Kendal

Back to walking on my own today. Ade and Jackie dropped me off at Maryport, at the Alavna Roman Fort. 

The Alavna Roman Fort Museum at Maryport
  It was early in the morning so the Fort Museum was not yet open. This fort had once been Command HQ and supply base for all of the Roman fortlets and watchtowers in the area. As the NW frontier of the Roman Empire, Hadrian’s Wall was built with fortlets at every mile.  

Walking into Maryport harbour, the wind already whipping up the sea
 Maryport was built on a hill down to the rather nondescript harbour. I didn’t walk through the main part of town.  

A rather colourful mural amongst drab town buildings in Maryport
“A Fishy Tale ” sculpture by Colin Telfer, made out of iron ore from the local Egremont Haematite Mine
 I walked beach-side of the railway line to Flimby, a typical mining town with its rows of terraced houses. It seemed like all the small towns on this section to Whitehaven had mining roots.  

Typical terraced housing in the small towns (this one is Parton)
 Unlike the previous 2 days, the coastal path was well signposted today and continued alongside the train line to Workington. I passed an enormous industrial building and a man I passed told me it was a factory for making the ink container inside pens. I found that hard to believe. 

A big factory – for making pens??
  I had been struggling with a cold the last couple of days and today I felt worse. I stopped at Tescos on the edge of Workington for a cup of tea to try and revive myself. Jackie’s packed lunch and treats didn’t last long either as I tried to perk myself up. Fortunately the walking was all fairly easy, if hemmed in between barriers overlooking waste ground. This was clearly once an industrious place.  

Looking over the barrier across the waste ground towards the railway line and the sea at Workington
 I passed through the small towns of Harrington, Lowca and Parton and finally rounded the corner at Redness Point and walked into Whitehaven. I was exhausted. 

Looking down at Lowca, another mining town
  Fortunately I had arranged to visit my ex-neighbours who now live in Kendal, so I didn’t have to camp when not feeling brilliant. I walked straight to Whitehaven train station and got the train back along the coast I’d just walked (mostly next to the path I’d walked) to Workington. From there I got a bus to Keswick and had some dinner in a pub while I waited for Mark to pick me up. I was looking forward to a day off tomorrow.  


One thought on “Day 173 Wind Farms and Coal Mining Towns

  1. chris frazer October 1, 2015 / 8:49 am

    Looks down at heel….grimmers! Get over your cold and get some miles in…On on Marshal of the Air (Retd).


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