WEEK 25 – Annan, Galloway to Braystones, Cumbria


85 miles walked 

(total 1,347 miles walked)

This week was my last day in Scotland and then on into Cumbria. The weather has been really good, which is helpful for camping now that Autumn is here. It’s definitely colder and damper at night and I am ore conscious of it getting dark earlier (not so good for drying washing and towels at the end of a long day). 

As for the Cumbria Coastal Way…well, they shouldn’t advertise it! It doesn’t really exist in most places, generally wherever the way gets a little more difficult. A good game around here is spot the CCW sign. 

Still, despite suffering from a cold, another great week with wonderful   scenery and some help from friends.  


2 thoughts on “WEEK 25 – Annan, Galloway to Braystones, Cumbria

  1. chris frazer October 1, 2015 / 9:02 am

    85 miles and feeling under the weather too….not to be sniffed at….boom boom (sorry could not resist that one) !!!!! Enjoy the glow around Sellafield……..Hopefully the paths will be better maintained or at least sign posted…..on on Juice you are doing brilliantly!!!!!!!


  2. Zephyrine October 6, 2015 / 10:33 pm

    How’s it going, Lucy, on the Isle of Man? – Is this the best way to make contact, with you now on “roaming”? – Hope all is well, & you are getting the rest you need to throw off your cold (always sounds trivial, never is…) Z x


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