Day 180 Misty Morecambe Bay

Friday 2 October 2015

Grange-Over-Sands to Morecambe

18 miles

Zephyrine’s house, Lancaster

I left Colin’s house just after 8 am and walked to the train station. It was a chilly morning and the first time I needed an extra layer. It was also really misty and, throughout the morning, felt like I was cloaked in a fog and part of a Sherlock Holmes novel.  

The railway bridge across the River Kent shrouded in mist
 I was using the train to get across the River Kent, the last of the big estuaries in this enormous bay that require treks inland to cross them. It is much easier to catch a train as the train line always seems to be the first bridge across.  

The ‘pier’ at Arnside
 At Arnside it was cold enough for me to stop for a coffee and check of my route before I really got going. Suitably steeled, I set off and followed the path around the coast. Sometimes I was in the lovely woods that surround Silverdale and sometimes I was on the shoreline.  

A small shingle beach on the edge of Cumbria at low tide
 The tide was out and all I could see through the gloom was sand/mud stretching out into the mist. It was quite eerie and, strangely, I quite liked it.  

mud, glorious mud!
 Around lunchtime I made it across the border into Lancashire and from this point on the coastal path signs were more frequent and obvious. Silverdale is the first Lancashire town and I stopped at the Wolf Hall art gallery cafe for a spot of lunch. 

Looking across the marsh towards Carnforth
 The path headed slightly inland, under the railway and across the edge of marshland to Carnforth.  

The bank is an effective barrier against the tide
 By now the sun had burned through the mist and it turned into a beautiful afternoon as I headed once more along the shoreline of the marshes, very aware of the incoming tide. Finally I could see Morecambe. 

Morecambe in the distance
 I stopped at Red Bank Farm for an ice cream before the last stretch into Morecambe. 

A perfect day for an ice cream
  I walked all along the seafront at Morecambe and admired the various sculptures and buildings that hinted at a more glorious past. There were also newer ones that hinted of an upgraded future. 

This was once a lido
Eric Morecambe
Cormorants on the promenade
 It’s a long way along Morecambe promenade and by the time I reached Heysham I was ready to stop walking. I still had to catch a bus and walk along the canal in Lancaster to get to Zephyrine’s house; fortunately I made it before collapsing in a tired heap. It had been a long, but lovely day.  


2 thoughts on “Day 180 Misty Morecambe Bay

  1. Zephyrine October 8, 2015 / 6:33 pm

    The story continues! – I love reading best of all about the places I know and love, whether here on Morecambe Bay, or elsewhere around the country! – By the time you get back to mine on Friday, I hope you will be ready for risotto for supper… Z


  2. Chris Frazer October 8, 2015 / 7:30 pm

    A day of contrasts…pants weather and views in the morning and the opposite in the afternoon…..18 miles good effort. You deserved your risotto dinner…….on on Juice it’s downhill from there.


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