Day 182 Ferry to the Isle of Man

Sunday 4 October 2015

Douglas to Port Grenaugh

7 miles

Diane and Colin’s house, Castletown

Zephyrine very kindly offered to drive me to Heysham Port to catch the ferry to the Isle of Man. There was just enough time to take a quick trip to the Half Moon Bay Cafe on the shore of Half Moon Bay, Heysham. 

I had decided a couple of weeks ago that as I was passing through Heysham I would take a trip to the Isle of Man. Luckily I have a friend who lives there and she offered to host me for the duration of my stay. What a great opportunity to see her and see Mann. I leapt at the chance.  

The Manannan Sea-Cat
 Today’s ferry was the sea cat – super fast and comfortable on a calm day. It was a bit misty so the views weren’t great and I took the opportunity to do a spot of planning.  

Docking at Douglas
 By the time I arrived in Douglas, mid-afternoon, the sun was just breaking through and it was perfect weather for a coastal walk.  

Looking down on Douglas
 Douglas has quite an impressive sea front with its tall hotels facing the sea. When I got a bit closer I could see some of its faded glory but it looks like it’s time is coming again.  

The restored Gaiety Theatre, Douglas, built in 1899
 From the ferry terminal I walked up to the cliff top and admired a war memorial there. Unlike all the other war memorials I have seen, commemorating the Great War, this one was for the 69 Manxmen killed alongside Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar. 

Walkin along Marine Drive
 The Isle of Man has a 95-mile long coastal path (called Raad Ny Foillan in Manx Gaelic) and I walked 7 of those miles. It was a beautiful walk along the cliff top road (no longer open to vehicles) called Marine Drive staring at the sea and the sky. At Port Soderick the path headed inland along one of the beautiful wooded glens that Mann has.  

Looking back along the cliffs towards Douglas
 I crossed over the railway line for the steam train (which I saw twice) and cut across Santon Head towards Port Grenaugh, past a big posh house, where I was meeting Diane. 

Looking along the cliff to Port Soderick and beyond towards Langness
 It had been a lovely walk to begin 4 days of sightseeing around the island, hosted by Diane and Colin and their family.  


2 thoughts on “Day 182 Ferry to the Isle of Man

  1. Chris Frazer October 9, 2015 / 6:11 pm

    Awesome pics…never really thought about a visit….but now it is on the list…….well done Juice.


  2. jomunday99 October 9, 2015 / 8:10 pm

    I would never have thought it – I’d only ever heard pretty dire things about the isle of Mann but it looks gorgeous. And I’m amazed you have so many friends Lucy?!! Actually that sounded really rude, but what I mean is you seem to have friends in every other town!!


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