WEEK 26 – Braystones, Cumbria to Heysham, Lancashire


75 miles

(1,422 miles walked)

What a strange and interesting week! I had my time and enjoyment influenced by lots of different people this week, not by design but just because that’s what happened. All but one of the people I met was so friendly, kind and helpful; it really made for a memorable week and I’m very grateful to all of them.  

The Beach House garden on a beautiful day
 The walking this week was dominated by Duddon Sands and Morecambe Bay, and the rivers that flow into them that have to be crossed. I avoided all danger (and muddy feet) by eschewing any path that crossed river beds or the sands at low tide.  

Another view of the Leven estuary at Ulverston
 It is a beautiful area: on the edge of the Lake District but not as popular with tourists. If I come back again I would like to visit Piel Island and to hire a Queen’s Guide to walk me across the sands, avoiding the quicksand and the rushing tide.  

London has the Oxo Tower, Morecambe has a polo tower!

One thought on “WEEK 26 – Braystones, Cumbria to Heysham, Lancashire

  1. Chris Frazer October 9, 2015 / 6:14 pm

    75miles…some very kind people….one grumpy post mistress and beautiful weather…….good week!


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