Day 188 The River Lune Estuary

Saturday 10 October 2015

Lancaster to Knott End-on-Sea

17 miles

Blue Bell Cottage campsite

Zephyrine kindly gave me a lift to Aldcliffe, a village just outside Lancaster, where the coastal path heads off-road. The first hour was spent walking a disused rail line all the way to Glasson, a small port near the mouth of the River Lune. Here is stopped at the Lantern O’er Lune cafe for brunch and was treated to the best full-English breakfast that I’ve had for a while. 

Looking across a bay to Glasson
Sunderland, across the River Lune
  I left Glasson with a spring in my step and enjoyed the walk around Cockerham Sands, listening to the wading birds and looking back at Heysham Power Station. 

Heysham Power Station – it looks possible to walk there across the sand!
 I stopped to look at Cockersand Abbey, which began life as a hermitage for someone called Hugh Garth back in 1180. All that’s left now is the chapter-house, in the middle of a field of cows.  

Cockersand Abbey
 I kept passing farms that looked new and seemed to combine farming with parachuting, power parachuting and small aircraft. The skies were full! 

Parachutists at Pattys Farm
An RAF ensign flying at Moss Edge
The Lancashire Coastal Path had been going so well and then the signs ran out. I think people in the houses by the path might remove them. I spent half an hour trying to find my way to Pilling and eventually had to walk through someone’s garden (that was the path route) and climb over stiles that were overgrown with nettles and bushes.  

Can you see the path?
 From Pilling the last few miles were along the sea wall (memories of Essex). At 3.15 pm the sky was suddenly filled with about 1000 geese all flying in numerous V formations onto Pilling Marsh. It was an impressive sight, and noisy. The tide was out and I saw runners and horse riders on the sands. 

Formations of geese
 I arrived at the campsite, pitched my tent and headed to the local pub (1.5 miles away) for some dinner and to watch the rugby. A good day all in all.  

Don’t walk here!

One thought on “Day 188 The River Lune Estuary

  1. Zephyrine October 10, 2015 / 10:46 pm

    Opening my eyes, yet again – as you stray beyond my usual patch! Hope there were no police intervention tonight? We have variously & jointly had more than enough of those… Onward!


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