WEEK 27 – Heysham to Warton (via the Isle of Man)


41 miles walked

(total 1,463 miles walked)

A fantastic week in the Isle of Man, followed by a walk through the boroughs of Wyre and Fylde, and of course there was Blackpool. 

I think I might have done my last camping next of the year as Sunday night was very cold and the morning dampness of everything is turning into sopping-wetness. I’ve really enjoyed the ease of camping in my lightweight tent and finding B&Bs/hostels for every night has the potential to become time consuming as well as expensive. 

I have to mention the geese. There are thousands of them on this NW coast and they are fabulous. In the morning and the evening there are huge gathering flocks, all flying in formation and making lots of noise as they go. A very impressive sight.  

Geese by the River Wyre
Geese the week before near Newbiggin

One thought on “WEEK 27 – Heysham to Warton (via the Isle of Man)

  1. chris frazer October 13, 2015 / 1:42 pm

    The geese are sending you message…get as far as you can as fast as you can then reevaluate!!!!!


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