Day 192 The Wirral Way

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Wallasey to Neston, The Wirral

14 miles

Esta and Alan’s house, nr Chester

I left Ivor’s house and caught the train back to Moreton on The Wirral.  

The Leasowe Lighthouse (1763)
 It was a fine and calm day so the sea was like glass as I walked along the front at Hoylake. 

An easy path to Hoylake next to a still sea
 I could see Wales pretty clearly and in between were 3 small islands at the mouth of The Dee. I was surprised to see houses on the largest island, Hilbre, which was cut off from Wirral by the high tide.   

Hilbre island and North Wales in the background
  This is a great place to come and see migrating birds in the Autumn and there were several hundred Oystercatchers on the shore.  

So many Oystercatchers on the sea shore
 The sun came out and I had a lovely walk along the edge of the marshland bordering The Dee as far as West Kirby. Here I was due to collect some more maps so I headed into the picturesque little town and missed walking around Marine Lake: a man-made salt water lake with quite a small border that separates it from the Dee estuary.  

West Kirby’s Marine Lake, Hilbre in the background
 West Kirby was quaint, busy and friendly. The lady in the Post Office was very friendly but, yet again, my maps had been sent away. I have lost all confidence in the Post Office as none of the staff I meet know the service they are supposed to provide and they agree things on the telephone that they later deny. Very frustrating.  

Looking across the Dee estuary to Wales
 From West Kirby I picked up after Wirral Way, a path following an old railway line located in Britain’s first Country Park (designated in 1968). Much of this path is in the trees and the coastline is not visible, but it was a nice walk. I did try walking a section along the shore but it was quite difficult walking on the edge of marsh through huge reeds so I abandoned that idea.  

Marshland on the banks of the Dee
 Neston is the last town on the Wirral coastline and here I met up with my Aunt and Uncle. I had decided to finish my Wirral walk here and to avoid the road walk across the border into Wales. Luckily for me Esta and Alan offered to drive me into Wales tomorrow.  

 On the way back to their house they kindly diverted into Chester city centre so I could buy some more maps. This is getting rather expensive for the Post Office to keep refunding me for lost maps! 


3 thoughts on “Day 192 The Wirral Way

  1. Chris Frazer October 26, 2015 / 6:56 am

    Add sunshine and a view and its amazing the transition from yesterday’s urban yuk! At the least the lady in Post Office was more helpful than your last encounter……Now into Wales……brief stop for a family gathering then lets get some serious miles done before it gets too cold. On on Juice, this adventure of yours is not going to finish itself. Load the carbs, pack the kit and then one foot in front of the other…..very very envious, you are now in a beautiful part of our country with a little more life and infrastructure than the highlands…….hopefully a few B&Bs will be operating in low season…be safe and keep warm!


  2. Spike Martin October 26, 2015 / 3:55 pm

    Juice, can I help you out on the map front and see if there is a more efficient way of getting them? You could even download them to your mobile but that may put strain on your battery. Spike xx


    • Lucy November 5, 2015 / 6:52 pm

      Hi spike. Thanks for the offer but I think I’m ok now. I’ve learnt from bitter experience. The PO will pay for the maps I’ve had to buy. How are you?


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