Day 203 Beautiful Llandudno and a Broken Rucksack

Sunday 25 October 2015 (first day of GMT)

Llandudno to Llanfairfechan

12 miles

Y Gelli Guest House

I was dropped off in Llandudno yesterday and what a lovely seaside town it is. All the grand seafront buildings were nicely painted and looked well-kept; I could not find a single shabby frontage.  

Looking across the pier to Llandudno sea front
 The promenade is the widest I’ve seen and there is lots to do, including skiing?! (There is a cable car that heads up to the ski slope!)  

The widest promenade in Britain? (Great Orme in the background)
 With 2 small children in tow I walked along the pier in the rain (avoiding the amusement arcade) and then, when the sun came out, we took the tram to the top of the hill on Great Orme. The views were fantastic: back to the town, Conwy Bay and across to Anglesey.  

The Great Orme tram

The view down on Llandudno from the tram
 I stayed in a B&B a couple of streets back from the front and this morning walked back along it to Great Orme’s Head. A sunny Sunday morning and there were lots of people out strolling along the promenade. Small dinghies were being prepared on the water’s edge and the pier was alive.  

Looking back along the sea front to Little Orme
Llandudno pier
 I walked around Great Orme via Marine Drive, which is a toll road. I was passed by several cyclists and also a road train that was full. I passed them all again at the Rest and Be Thankful cafe halfway around the head.  

Walking along Marine Drive around Great Orme’s Head
Heading towards Llandudno Junction on the River Conwy
 Climbing is a popular activity on these cliffs and they have a large, rounded look about them.  

Big caverns on Great Orme
 The view was lovely, the sea green and the sun shining…time for something to go wrong. My rucksack broke. It could have done this a week ago when I would have had a week, and help, to sort it out. But no, it waited until today. I had noticed a problem with one of the fixings a while ago and had tried to ameliorate the issue. It had worked until now but this break meant a fixing rod became detached.  

There were goats on the cliff!
 I spent a while trying to fashion a temporary fix so that at least I could continue to carry the rucksack properly on my back and then spent ages pondering my next move as I walked. 

I continued walking to Llandudno Junction and across the Bridge over the Conwy estuary into Conwy town. The town is on the banks of the estuary and a line of hills lies behind it. Conwy Castle is rather splendid and guards the mouth of the river.  

Conwy Castle guarding the mouth of the river
About to cross the bridge to Conwy
  Today there was a food festival going on and the town was packed with people. I had a quick wander through it and then went in a empty tea room for some dinner and a re-think.  

Conwy food festival
 Firstly, I had wasted too much time to walk all the way to Llanfairfechan before dark, which would be just after 5 pm. I decided to catch the train – it ran next to the coast path anyway. Secondly, after a few phone calls my plan was to get my old rucksack sent to my Aunt’s house near Chester (after recent experiences getting it sent to a Post Office is out of the question) and I would divert back there to collect it so at least I could carry on. What a faff.  

Not sure if this is true but there was a queue to pay 50p to visit
 I wandered along the bank of the Conwy estuary watching the waders enjoy the pickings at low tide and then back through Conwy town to catch the train 2 stops to Llanfairfechan.  

Conwy harbour
 Thanks to the owners of the guest house for providing me with tape and tie wraps to temporarily fix my rucksack.  


5 thoughts on “Day 203 Beautiful Llandudno and a Broken Rucksack

  1. Chris Frazer October 31, 2015 / 10:57 am

    Oh no just what you did not need….good lesson though especially as you saw that there was a problem earlier, even small innocuous issues have a habit of biting you at the most inconvenient time……on on Juice.


  2. jcombe October 31, 2015 / 3:21 pm

    A shame about the rucksack, but I’m glad you liked Llandudno. I’ve been there a few times and always enjoyed it.


  3. jstumm October 31, 2015 / 7:52 pm

    Llandudno was lovely, I’m rather sad we didn’t see more of it – if only I had put more money in the meter! We did, however, have fabulous fish and chips in Manchester, or somewhere near the airport. And the castle looks amazing too.


  4. Zephyrine October 31, 2015 / 10:21 pm

    I love Great Orme – the tram, the goats – you probably didn’t have time to inspect the ancient copper mine workings… Hope your rucksack is now once again walk-worthy, or did you have to buy a replacement? – My new Berghaus boots continue to serve me well, nearly a month on: I’ve been up The Hoad, & for a very wet walk around Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale – more walking fun on the agenda next week, around Heysham again. – Hope all well with you?


    • Lucy November 5, 2015 / 6:41 pm

      Hi Z, unfortunately I didn’t have time to go in the copper mine. Got my old rucksack back and all well thanks. Well done on The Hoad. I did like Silverdale in the mist.


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