WEEK 29 – Llandudno to Holyhead, Anglesey


96 miles walked

(total 1,632 miles walked)

A wonderful start to the week at Llandudno and Great Orme’s Head before disaster struck. Getting my old rucksack back showed me just how comfortable and light my new one is. I’ve sent it back to the US and should get a replacement.  

 Anglesey has a well marked coast path and generally I’ve enjoyed walking it. The island is more low-lying in the South and rises to cliffs in the North. The main bugbear I have had this week has been with the kissing gates that are liberally sprinkled along the coast path. If you are Quasimodo or wearing a large rucksack then it is difficult to fit in many of them. I have found myself significantly slowed down by having to remove my rucksack or climb over these gates.  

one of the best kissing gates – more like art!
 The weather this week has been very mild and I am still wearing shorts and a t-shirt. There are also lots of blackberries and horse flowers still about. Despite the warm temperatures the ground is permanently wet and the fields are muddy. I feel that my decision no longer to camp has been vindicated, as it would be impossible to dry out my tent and all my belongings would be damp. 

I have struggled to get wifi access much of this week, which has put me behind on my blog. My habits are changing now I’m staying in B&Bs; bigger breakfasts have probably influenced fewer cafe stops and smaller evening meals.  



2 thoughts on “WEEK 29 – Llandudno to Holyhead, Anglesey

  1. Chris Frazer November 5, 2015 / 6:25 pm

    96 miles…respect! B&Bs are the way ahead, tents and sleeping bags are overrated……No mention of Richie or his quest for gravy (must be weird code for something)…on on Juice.


    • Lucy November 5, 2015 / 6:49 pm

      No, he really did come in the pub for gravy – he even brought a Tupperware container. Very odd. He was the least drunk person in there!


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