WEEK 30 – Holyhead, Anglesey to Tudweiliog, Lleyn Peninsula


68 miles walked

(total 1,700 miles walked)

This week appears to have been a turning point in the weather as suddenly the rain came. 

The relatively low mileage this week felt hard-earned as the going seemed to get slower. The paths were certainly muddier and slippier. So far North Wales has been full of incredibly friendly people and that has helped me no end. Even just stood on the street in Pwllheli I must have looked lost as a man came over and asked if I needed help. When he found out what I was doing he gave me his phone number in case I got into difficulty as he works from home so could easily come and help me. Michael typified my experience of North Walians so far. Diolch. 

This week I have mostly been in the heart of Welsh-language country. Welsh has been the default language and I have often had to ask people to speak English. The stereotypical English view of North Wales, that people here are reluctant to speak English, has not been borne out in my case. I have had a great time in N Wales and plan to return. 

I have been suffering from a sore foot for a couple of weeks now. It’s not affecting my gait, but my left foot, just in front of the heel, feels bruised. I also think my big oaf of a little brother broke some metatarsals in my right foot when he stamped on it during a family game of tag rugby on Criccieth beach almost 3 weeks ago. It is still painful. Apart from my feet, I’m fine. 


2 thoughts on “WEEK 30 – Holyhead, Anglesey to Tudweiliog, Lleyn Peninsula

  1. Chris Frazer November 10, 2015 / 6:38 am

    1700 miles….total respect!


  2. jstumm November 10, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    Stupid boy! But it was a good game!,


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