Day 245 Strumble Head

Sunday 3 April 2016

Fishguard to Trefin

20 miles

The Old Schoolhouse Youth Hostel

Well it wasn’t raining when I left so that was a good start. I passed through the port and up the hill to an estate called Harbour Village. I took a small detour to look at one of the 3 Carn Wen Cromlechs (Neolithic burial chambers from around 3000BC). This one seemed a bit oddly placed beside the alleyway at the back of the terraced houses. This hill must have been an important site once upon a time.  

a Neolithic burial chamber squashed behind a housing estate
 The visibility was not great and the ground was very muddy but the walk was pleasant enough.  

Fishguard harbour breakwater and Dinas Head beyond
 There was a monument at Carregwasted Point to mark where the French landed in 1797.  

The site of the 1797 French invasion
 The path continued around up and down and around every small headland.  

Looking along the coast towards Strumble Head
 Strumble Head marked the end of my walk around Cardigan Bay. It has taken me 13 days to walk from Aberdaron (opposite Bardsey Island) to Strumble Head, a distance of about 50 miles as the crow flies.  

Strumble Head lighthouse
 It had started to rain but I sat down on a rock anyway to eat my lunch (tesco’s finest rolls filled with cheese and crisps). A couple passed me but it wasn’t long until I caught them back up. Jack Bottrill was a bit of an adventurer and we had a good chat – he’s writing a book about his 5 month cycle tour around Europe to be called “The Road to Rome”. I left Jack and Deja behind and carried on. (I saw 9 serious hikers today.) 

nice views
 The cliffs became a bit more dramatic and, after a couple of hours, the rain stopped. 
dramatic cliffs

I arrived at the stony beaches of Aber Bach and Aber Mawr. There was a notice informing me that a small stream bisected Aber Bach but was generally only a trickle except in stormy weather or after heavy rain. Today there was a torrent of water and no way of crossing without getting wet feet. 

the stream is supposed to be a trickle!
 The signposted diversion was 1.2 miles and I was not doing that. I decided to remove my boots and socks and paddle through. The water was shin deep and fast flowing but I made it without incident.  

looking back at Aber Mawr and Aber Bach
 The sun appeared and the views began to improve as I approached Abercastle.  

the view back to Strumble Head
 Another lovely little village built in the shelter of a small inlet. 

There was a car on the beach and an old man was selling large crabs that he’d caught from buckets in the back of it.  

crab for dinner anyone?
 I arrived in Trefin and was pleased that the hostel seemed really nice. Chris showed me round and after tea and a kitkat I found the will to dosome hand washing, get a shower and head to the local pub for dinner and a pint. Jack and Deja arrived at the hostel and joined me in the pub.     
looking back towards Strumble Head through the gap at Ynys Deullyn


2 thoughts on “Day 245 Strumble Head

  1. Chris April 4, 2016 / 8:34 am

    Well Done Juice……putting some serious miles in over some very demanding terrain……..obviously the rest was well needed and you are back to peak fitness rejuvenated……Did Jon give any tips on how to write your book (Crazy Lucy’s Coastal Caper 2015/16)???


  2. Rohan April 10, 2016 / 9:32 am

    A fine looking lighthouse but what a convoluted walk to get there and beyond. (I’m following your walk on 1:25000 maps). It must have felt like you were never going to get any closer.


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