Day 254 Tenby (Little Fort of Fishes)

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Manorbier to Tenby

8 miles

Meadow Farm Campsite

It was very misty and damp when I left the youth hostel. It was a good job I walked the extra bit for the views yesterday afternoon as it was not possible to see further than about 50m. Caldey Island was invisible and there were no views at all to speak of. 

I walked through a large caravan park at Lydstep, but apart from that I didn’t see a thing through the mist all morning. 

Unsurprisingly there was no firing at Penally Camp, which has been used for ‘musketry’ training since 1860. This meant I could cross it and go and take a look at the trench system that had been dug there in 1914 for training soldiers departing for the Great War. It is the only known surviving example of a trench system in the UK. It was quite atmospheric wandering through the trenches in the mist. I kept my whistle in my pocket.  

walking through Penally WW1 training trenches
 Giltar Point is only a kilometre from Caldey Island and should have great views all along the coast, just not today.  

Giltar Point (Caldey Island right behind it)
 I arrived at Tenby (Welsh name translated as the little fort of fishes) via walking along the beach. The old town is surrounded by the remains of a mediaeval stone wall and is built on a hill.  

approaching a misty Tenby along South Beach
 I stopped in a cafe for some lunch and then wandered down to the harbour to see about getting a boat to Caldey Island. Nothing was sailing due to the fog (I still couldn’t even see much of the beach). I decided to walk to the campsite heading out of Tenby and pitch my tent (no wind today).  

Tenby in the mist
 As I was pitching the tent the mist finally started to clear. I applied sunglasses and suncream, changed my boots for sandals and wandered back down into the town; suddenly I could see it. I saw Castle Hill that intersects the 2 beaches and I could see St Catherine’s Island (which is actually on the beach) and the Victorian fort atop it.  

the keep of the Norman castle and St Catherine’s Island
 Finally, out of the mist appeared Caldey Island, not very far away at all. 

South Beach and Caldey Island
 I could even see around the coast as far as Worm’s Head at the tip of The Gower peninsula.  

looking back at Tenby from Castle Hill
 I sat on a bench on Castle Hill in the late afternoon sunshine admiring the views.  

the (protected) view of St Catherine’s Victorian fort from Castle Hill (Caldey Island in the background)
 It was blissful in the sunshine and I sat there for a couple of hours just enjoying the beauty and the sound of the sea.  

looking along South Beach
 Eventually I wandered back up the hill to the campsite for a shower and to change before heading back down again for some dinner.  

the view down to Tenby and Caldey Island from the campsite
 I decided on the spur of the moment to treat myself to a nice meal at the Ocean restaurant overlooking the bay. A good way to end the day.  

walking back into town as the sun was setting

2 thoughts on “Day 254 Tenby (Little Fort of Fishes)

  1. Donna Munday April 14, 2016 / 1:15 am

    Oh the Worm’s Head! We used to walk out there when we camped in Llangennith on the Gower. We got caught by an incoming tide once – be careful if you’re heading out there Luc. Lovely Tenby views. Dxx


    • Lucy April 22, 2016 / 8:20 am

      I didn’t make it out to Worms Head, just stood and looked at it. Such a beautiful day to be there. I really liked Tenby.


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