Day 263 Mumbles and Swansea

Friday 22 April 2016

Sandy Lane to Swansea

14 miles

Oli and Laura’s house, Cardiff

I awoke to rain pattering on Pippa’s cabin. After tea and poached eggs on toast and more chatting it was after 10 am before I left. It was still raining. 

looking along the coast from Southgate to Mumbles Head
I walked back through Southgate to the cliffs and then along to Pwlldu. The cliffs were beautiful, even in the rain. Pwlldu beach had a house built behind the shingle with a track through a ford to reach it. 

the road to the cottage on Pwldu beach
As I approached Mumbles, Caswell and Langland Bays both gave the impression they were very popular tourist beaches. Caswell in particular was a lovely big, sandy beach. 

Caswell Bay
Langlands Bay
Mumbles Head was a bit of a disappointment as there were lots of workmen and barriers (it looked like they were doing something to a tunnel through the cliff), and the weather was such that I could barely see the lighthouse, never mind any views across to Devon. 

Mumbles Head lighthouse
Mumbles pier jutting out into Swansea Bay
I carried on into the town and stopped at one of the many, many cafes. Apparently Mumbles used to be an oyster town, but they weren’t on any menu I saw. I picked well as lunch at the Kitchen Table was very nice and gave me a chance to dry off. The rain wasn’t heavy, just persistent. 

looking across Swansea Bay to Mumbles
Swansea Bay was big and had a promenade all the way around it, much of it with a fitness trail. It looked like a lot of effort had gone into improving the sea front. 

Swansea across the Bay
I walked along Marine Walk as far as the Swansea Marina and then headed into the centre of Swansea to the train station. I passed Swansea Castle, built in 1290. This is not the original one that was built by the first Lord of Gower in 1106. 

Marine Walk, Swansea
I caught the train to Cardiff for a weekend with my brother and his wife. 

Swansea Castle

2 thoughts on “Day 263 Mumbles and Swansea

  1. jomunday99 April 26, 2016 / 9:54 pm

    Sorry the weather wasn’t kind to you. It’s turned pretty cold here. Caswell Bay – that’s where we played cricket, racing against the tide to finish the game whilst we still had a pitch


  2. Chris April 27, 2016 / 3:26 pm

    The highs and lows. One day the most beautiful weather followed the next by not quite so nice…..but what is a constant is the beautiful scenery and the constant reminders of how kind people can be. Fourteen miles in the gag and grot….well done Juice.


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