Day 271 to 273 Rest Days

Saturday 30 April to Monday 2 May (Bank Holiday)

Rest Days

Oli and Laura’s house, Cardiff

An opportunity to spend the Bank Holiday weekend with Oli and Laura was not to be missed. Besides, it rained pretty much non-stop from Saturday evening onwards. 

Lots of eating, some drinking and plenty of relaxing. I took the time to go shopping in Cardiff for new boots (the same ones as my previous two pairs). The pair I got in August were cracking around the toe joint (a recurring issue) so I managed to get them replaced, despite the obvious wear. I had my feet measured again in Cotswold Outdoor and this time I left with a size bigger as the assistant was convinced mine were too small. So now I have size 8 boots (or boats!), and I wear size 6.5 shoes. I also replaced my inner and outer socks and my superfeet insoles; the only thing I didn’t replace was my feet!

I must not get used to only walking half a week!

One thought on “Day 271 to 273 Rest Days

  1. Chris Frazer May 3, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    Juice,,,surely over a Bank Holiday you mean….lots of drinking, some eating and lots of relaxing.?…?. Thought so!


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