Day 278 Following the River Parrett to Bridgwater

Saturday 7 May 2016

Burnham-on-Sea to Bridgwater

13 miles

The Old Vicarage Hotel

I didn’t get much sleep last night as the Haven Holiday Village has big fluorescent lights everywhere, and particularly around my tent. It was like daylight all night. To top it off the little girl in the next tent cried every hour through the night. 

Burnham’s leaning church tower – only the door is vertical!
It started raining at 5 am and carried on until 10. I was tired and my left big toe was very sore so I was not in a hurry to leave. I eventually packed my wet tent away just after 10 and set off. I was trying not to limp; I think I must have bruised my toe somehow. Today was going to be slow going.

boats on the River Brue
Before I could walk up the River Parrett I had to head inland to Highbridge to cross the, much smaller, River Brue. Then it was onto the sea wall and a boring walk to Bridgwater. 

sluice gates at Highbridge (lovely brown water!)
I cut off the Pawlett Hams, avoiding walking around the largest bend in the river. 

looking back at Burnham from the River Parrett
The Parrett has a tidal bore, but unfortunately today was not a spring tide. The tide was out for most of my walk so the river looked quite small in the middle of a huge, muddy trench. I didn’t see much wildlife. 

the River Parrett – a muddy trench
Bridgwater didn’t appear to be a very exciting town. I followed the ‘rope walk’ into the town centre and across the iron bridge. 

Bridgwater’s iron bridge
am I in Holland?
My hotel was strange; only one man was on duty. He was mending a door when I arrived, was the receptionist and also cooked my dinner, and he was grumpy. Needless to say my spaghetti bolognese was not very inspiring. 

It had been another hot, sweaty day, although not too sunny. 

one of many pill boxes along the River Parrett

One thought on “Day 278 Following the River Parrett to Bridgwater

  1. Chris Frazer May 8, 2016 / 8:13 pm

    Gout makes your feet sore….to much red wine Juicy too much……keep going mate.


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