Day 293 Dramatic Cliffs to Boscastle

Monday 23 May 2016

Bude to Boscastle 

16 miles

Boscastle Youth Hostel

It was already warm when I packed my tent away and ate some porridge. It was hot and sunny all day and this ensured I was overwhelmed by spectacular views all day long. I kept having to reapply suncream only for it to drip off as I sweated up (yet more) steep climbs. 

looking back to Higher Sharpnose Point from above Bude
It took me less than an hour to reach Widemouth, just after the beach cafe had opened, so I stopped for a second breakfast to fuel the long, tough walk. 

approaching Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay and Dizzard Point
The first major climb was at Millook, where the road had a 30% sign. But the hardest climb of the day was just after Dizzard Point. This one was so steep that there was a signposted diversion. 

looking at Cambeak, beyond Crackington Haven
Half-hidden on the sides of a bench at Dizzard Point were 2 small signs: one said ‘500 miles to Poole’ and the other said ‘132 miles to Minehead’.

at Dizzard Point, look at the Atlantic Ocean!
The sunshine and blue sky gave the sea a beautiful turquoise hue. I could see for miles along the stunning and dramatic cliffs; views all the way back to Higher Sharpnose Point (by the GCHQ listening post), across to Lundy, and down the coast past Tintagel. 

amazing views and the sea such a beautiful colour
looking all the way to Tintagel and beyond
A couple of the valleys had small streams in them that were so clear, and full of tadpoles. One also had a dipper busy feeding. 

such clear streams
As the cliffs were generally the highest points around, I also had great views inland, across all the patchwork farmland and small villages dotted around. 

the flora and fauna near St Genny’s was so colourful and beautiful
I stopped in Crackington Haven for a spot of lunch, a crab sandwich and salad followed by my first Kelly’s Cornish whippy ice cream. Delicious. 

Crackington Haven
the beach at Crackington Haven, and Cambeak headland

High Cliff was my highest point of the day (>200m) and then the path actually went around the cliff, about halfway down. 
more amazing rock formations, this one at Cambeak
I rounded the Penally Hill and there was Boscastle, with the River Valency flowing through the middle of it. I had only ever seen it in the television after the town was all but destroyed by terrible floods in 2004. It has been completely, and sensitively, rebuilt. 

above Boscastle
Boscastle Harbour
I had intended to camp tonight but the only campsite was a couple of miles before Boscastle, and inland. So I changed my plans (I wanted to see Boscastle and get a pub dinner) and headed for the Youth Hostel right on the main street instead. 

the Youth Hostel is on the right behind the white building
It had been a truly spectacular day and I celebrated with fish and chips in The Cobweb Inn.
spectacular view back to Cambeak
lots of ‘folded’ rocks like this one on the route today
can it get any more beautiful than this?

5 thoughts on “Day 293 Dramatic Cliffs to Boscastle

  1. Tracey May 24, 2016 / 10:57 am

    Beautiful pics today Lucy! X


  2. Chris F May 24, 2016 / 5:29 pm

    Sorry Juice 16 very hard miles over some very tough terrain, with stunning scenery and most beautiful blue sea, ending in the village of Boscastle and all I can think about is you eating Whippet Icecream is it from Yorkshire….don’t you just loath predicted text!!! Seriously though WELL DONE Juice and remember its 500 miles to Poole.


    • Lucy May 24, 2016 / 6:29 pm

      Thanks for that – I’ve changed it now. I hate mistakes like that. Only 500 miles to go…and then some more!!!


  3. jstumm May 24, 2016 / 5:46 pm

    Evelyn says “keep walking and be careful of sunburn”
    Peter says “put suncream on!”
    Evelyn would also like to tell you how well she did in the school sports day – 3rd in Medicine Ball throw, 2nd in the 30m sprint!
    Jodie would like to say ” lovely photos. Almost wishing I was there…”


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