Day 322 The Roseland Peninsula

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Falmouth to Portscatho

9 miles

Treloan Coastal Park

Wendy cooked me a lovely breakfast to send me on my way. It had rained during the night but was dry when I left. 

Falmouth from the ferry
I had 2 ferries to catch and only a few miles to walk as there aren’t that many campsites on the Roseland Peninsula. I had a few chores to do in town so wandered through Falmouth a second time and stopped for a coffee at Discovery Quay, the relatively new development. 

the St Mawes Ferry arriving at Falmouth’s Custom House Quay
I caught the St Mawes Ferry at 11.30am. I had no idea that St Mawes was so affluent and a sometime Royal holiday destination. 

St Mawes
St Mawes Castle and town
I walked up to the castle, the 2nd of King Henry VIII Fal Estuary fortifications. As expected, the views across the Carrick Roads were excellent. 

St Mawes Castle and Pendennis Castle across the Carrick Roads

Wendy had told me that members of the Royal family had stayed at the Tresanton Hotel in St Mawes so I decided to check it out. I didn’t need any lunch after Wendy’s breakfast but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it out. The think I find with really posh places is that they still treat me nicely even though I turn up looking unkempt and carrying a huge rucksack. The Tresanton passed my test and I had a lovely, and not bad priced, two course lunch with a glass of wine.
lunch fit for a Queen at the Tresanton Hotel
It was a good job I enjoyed the views over lunch because, no sooner had I left than it started raining and a thick most enveloped everything. Needless to say it wasn’t forecast. 

St Anthony Head (and lighthouse) across Percuil River
I caught the Place Ferry (just a tiny boat) across the Percuil River to St Anthony. (So many rivers!)

I wonder who lives here?
I couldn’t see anything much as I made my way around St Anthony Head to Zone Point. Here was the coastal artillery fort, St Anthony Battery, the third of the Fal Estuary protective forts. Unfortunately, I had no view through the thick mist and drizzle. I could hardly see the St Anthony Head Lighthouse, but I could hear it!

looking back at St Mawes enveloped in mist
St Anthony Head Lighthouse
There were a couple of nice looking beaches at the base of the cliffs as I walked along to Portscatho. 

nice little beach
I was camped just before the town and, when I arrived, the lovely owner made me a cup of tea while I pitched my tent. Although it was no longer raining the air was very damp. 

a Wreck Post near Towan Beach (for practising rocket and line ship rescues)
I walked to the local pub for yet more food and the chance to charge my phone and update my blog. 

Portscatho harbour

2 thoughts on “Day 322 The Roseland Peninsula

  1. Chris F June 23, 2016 / 5:19 am

    The Tresant Hotel knew who you were………..the staff in any ‘quality’ establishment can spot a celebrity (Radio) and international sportsperson a mile off, even those in baggy shorts looking washed out!!!!!! On on Marshal of the Air (Retd).


  2. jstumm June 23, 2016 / 8:13 pm

    Summer has been and gone then?! We have 35+ here, also very bad for walking. Take care!


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