Day 326 A Cliff Walk to Polperro

Sunday 26 June 2016

Polruan to Polperro

9 miles

Camping at Jonny and Jane’s farm, near Talland Bay

Sunshine and warmth woke me up, but that soon disappeared once I had packed away. 

looking along to Pencarrow Head and beyond
It was a nice walk along the cliffs, albeit everyone I met warned me the route to Polperro was very up and down. Lantic Beach was particularly stunning. In fact there were several places where it might be nice to go for a swim either off a beach or some rocks. 
Lantic Bay

Lantic Bay and Pencarrow Head

The cliffs were thick with ferns and greenery, and the path did indeed go up and down. I was surprised to see a small house tucked in the bushes about two thirds of the way down the cliff overlooking Lantivet Bay. I couldn’t resist descending a steep path to investigate. It must be somebody’s holiday cottage; the only way to it was via steep paths, either walking the cliffs or up from a boat. 

a cottage hiding in the ferns on the cliff
I met a Cornish fisherman on the rocks. He was fishing for Bass but apparently the water was too “gin clear” and calm for Bass fishing today. 

“gin clear” water and space to land a boat to reach that cottage
I also met an old man who must have been in his eighties. He had done a short circular cliff walk and finished off with a swim from one of the small coves. What a great start to his day. 

a small cove at West Coombe
There wasn’t much wind so it was another sweaty walk, compensated by great views. 

beautiful cliffs and rocks with streaks of white
I reached Polperro around lunchtime and it was very busy. It was the last day of their festival week and a band was tuning up on the small stage. This typical fishing village had buildings crammed in everywhere so it was amazing they found a space big enough for a stage. 

approaching Polperro, tucked away (Chapel Pool should be at the base of these rocks)
Unfortunately the tide was in so the Chapel Tidal Pool wasn’t visible at the base of the rocks. Instead I popped into one of the pop-up art galleries for the festival but I didn’t fancy bothering with the model village. 

There were lots of cafes and I was very hungry so I popped into one to get a fish finger sandwich and escape the rain that was coming in. By the time I left there was a thick sea mist and it was drizzling. Such a quick change in the weather. 

Polperro, stretching up the valley
It was a short walk around To Talland Bay, which had a lovely looking beach cafe, with beach huts to sit in to shelter from the weather. There was a big hill to walk up to get to Jonny and Jane’s. Jonny kindly collected me in his landrover. 
Talland Bay is down there, in the mist
I had a great afternoon and evening. We drove to East Looe for coffee and cake and then Jane made an excellent curry for dinner. I camped on their farmland, next to the yurt that they were sleeping in. Jane is a food writer, recipe creator and photographer. I got some tips on cafes for the next stretch. She’s got a much better blog than mine 

another view of the cliffs and Lantic Bay

3 thoughts on “Day 326 A Cliff Walk to Polperro

  1. vanessa June 27, 2016 / 7:20 pm

    What beautiful places you are visiting.. The photos are just stunning, almost makes me wanna come home again.. Just such a shame about that damn weather!


    • Lucy June 30, 2016 / 7:18 pm

      The weather hasn’t been that bad I don’t think. I’ve had quite a lot of sun going around Cornwall. It is all beautiful around here!


  2. Chris F June 27, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    Juice how can you feed such a finely tuned engine fish finger sandwiches in Cornwall? The least you could have done was support the fisherman by eating fresh fish caught in the gin clear seas you have been admiring.

    I bet you chuckled inwardly as those kind and thoughtful people warned you of the hills and valleys ahead……thinking to yourself….yes just as demanding as the last 3000 miles of coastal paths I have covered.

    Another spectacular day Juice…thank you for sharing it on your brilliantly well written and excellently researched blog………….


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