WEEK 47 Polperro, Cornwall to Stoke Fleming, Devon

90 miles walked

(total 2,790 miles walked)

I finally left Cornwall this week after more than 5 weeks walking around its diverse coastline. It was a bitter-sweet moment. 

the beautifully clear Cornish sea, near Portlooe
The weather has not been conducive to packing up and starting walking early each day as it has generally been poor in the morning, before brightening up significantly later on. Mostly this hasn’t mattered too much as lots of ferries have been required and they don’t seem to run before 10 am anyway. 

amazing slate cliffs at Bigbury-on-Sea
I have struggled to find decent campsites by the coast so far in South Devon. Indeed the combination of poor facilities, mizzle in the morning and indifferent service from people, did not endear me to South Devon. And I haven’t mentioned the non-existent phone signal in this county, nor the large number of horsefly bites that cover my body. 

I found some of the week hard going, and then of course there was the terrain; in some places it was as steep as the North coast of Devon and Cornwall. In fact it was steeper than the amount of ankle flexion I have. I enjoyed the challenge. 

As ever, the views were stunning and I saw a reasonable amount of wildlife. Kestrels were in abundance and I did see the odd seal, fulmars and even a gannet over Plymouth Sound. I also saw another adder this week; it was skinny but quite long and curled up on the path. I startled it and went to step over it before I checked myself, stepped back and watched it slither off. 

stunning Start Bay

One thought on “WEEK 47 Polperro, Cornwall to Stoke Fleming, Devon

  1. Chris F July 16, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    Out of Cornwall and not a Pixie sighted. But lots of cream teas, pasties and ales consumed. An awesome few weeks of beautiful scenery and hard walking. 2790 is very close to 3000 on on Juice, it’s uphill to London Bridge.


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