Day 357 Lymington

Wednesday 27 July 2016

East Pennington to Lymington

4 miles


I woke up feeling relieved that I was going home. I had only spent 4 days at home in 4 months and I wanted a break from camping where I could sleep in my own bed. 

Hurst Castle and Lighthouse just visible against the backdrop of the IOW
I packed up and got a bacon and egg sandwich from the trucker-style cafe on the campsite before I headed back out to The Salterns. Here the seawater had been impounded in shallow lagoons, allowed to evaporate (helped by wind pumps) and the residual salt collected. Salt production had been going on here since Roman times, only halting in 1865 when cheaper salt from Cheshire forced the closure of the last Saltern. Now these brackish lagoons formed the Keyhaven-Lymington Nature Reserve. 

The Salterns
It was peaceful in the morning and, as it was low tide, all I could here was the sound of the many wading birds that feed in this place. I saw black headed gulls, oyster catchers, egrets, herons, plovers, godwits and sandpipers. 

another view of the salt marshes
Lymington was a yacht haven. I walked around the marina and stumbled across Lymington Sea Water Baths. This place looked brilliant. built in 1833, it is the oldest and largest lido in the UK. It has a 120m inflatable assault course in it – I was sorely tempted! Had I been here in the late 18th Century it would have only cost me 1/- to swim in Mrs Beeton’s Baths with the aid of a guide, who would have held me up with a rope. 

Lymington Sea Water Baths
I found a nice cafe in Lymington and had a coffee before catching the train home. 

approaching Lymington; recognisable by all the yacht masts

One thought on “Day 357 Lymington

  1. Chris F August 7, 2016 / 2:13 pm

    Well done Miss N……off for a well earned rest. I see a heatwave is forecast for next Tuesday between 12 and 4….good call as always. Enjoy the break. Not far now buddy not far!


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