WEEK 53 Southampton to Seaford, East Sussex

111 miles walked

(total 3,155 miles walked)

A lot of distance covered this week, even though I slowed down at the end. It wasn’t my favourite week by any means and one that bust my weekly budget. 

This week everything suddenly got more expensive. East of Portsmouth the going rate for a campsite more than doubled, despite the facilities offered certainly not being better than further West. Cafes are also more expensive, and so far most have been of a worse standard than I have been used to. Add to that the slightly boring aspects of walking long, flat promenades and that goes some way to explaining why it wasn’t my favourite. 

worst walk this week was past the lorries at Portslade-by-Sea
All in all this week felt like a bit of a battle; a battle to find campsites that would squeeze me in, places that didn’t overcharge by more than 100% of what I felt their value was, no people to chat to. 

apparently there was a marked path!
In summary, I would not recommend the Hampshire and Surrey coastline for hiking for following reasons: 

1. There are not many coastal footpaths and they are badly signposted. Be prepared to get lost, trudge along shingle and walk through housing estates. 

2. Campsites are not hiker-friendly. You get charged full price and only if they have a spare pitch available; they will not entertain squeezing you in and people on the phone are generally rude. 

3. It is expensive and not worth it. The campsites and cafes are no better, the beaches are shingle and the sea not as clear as further West. 

4. It is crowded (which is probably why no one cares – they don’t need to). 

I could not find any favourable comparison between the South East and the South West. The only difference is proximity to London. 

still smiling; on the beach at West Wittering

One thought on “WEEK 53 Southampton to Seaford, East Sussex

  1. Chris F August 25, 2016 / 5:44 am

    111 miles well done Juice. On on as quickly as possible…without wishing to say I told you so……..but……. after your rant two weeks ago I did offer that it was only going to get worse…..poor you, be strong its not long now.


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