Day 48 Ambling along the Beach to Amble

Saturday 23 May 2015

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea to Amble
14.5 miles
The Wellwood pub

I woke to the sound of the sea lapping against the shore and this was the view from my (very small) bedroom window. I couldn’t complain.  

My Captain’s Lodge bedroom view of the Couple
 Despite being a Bank Holiday weekend the weather forecast was sun all day, perfect for walking along a beach. In order to get to the beach I had to walk across the Newbiggin golf course and then take the roads around the power station and the Lynemouth Minewater Treatment Plant. After that I was in the dunes heading to Cresswell at the Southern tip of Druridge Bay. The common land between Newbiggin and Cresswell was strewn with tethered carthorses mowing the grass. I felt sorry for them stuck walking in small circles.  

One of the grass mowers on the common land
 Cathy, the owner of The Captain’s Lodge, had recommended the ice cream shop at Cresswell so who was I to argue? I duly stopped for a delicious, homemade ice cream and a chat with some cyclists. 

The sun was getting stronger as I reached the beach, and boy, what a beach. About 7 miles of uninterrupted light golden sand (with the occasional bit of sea coal thrown in).  

Druridge Bay from Cresswell
 The tide was out and so I had an easy walk along the beach in the sunshine. What could be more perfect?  

What could be more perfect?
Just as I was getting hungry I reached the nature reserve at Ladyburn Lake and so I popped over the dunes to the visitor centre for a quick refreshment. I didn’t see anyone in the sea all day but there were plenty of triathletes swimming around the lake. 

Towards the North end of the beach I came across the rocks, and some great tidal rock pools.  

Awesome rock pools and Coquet Island in the distance
As I approached the end of Druridge Bay I walked off the beach and into the dunes so I could round the (fairly flat) headland into Amble.   

If I can get all the 2p coins out of this telegraph pole I’ll be rich
Coquet Island is just off the coast here and looks beautiful on a sunny day. It’s got a long monastic history and a medieval tower with a Victorian lighthouse perched on the top. It’s now a National Trust reserve and home to 90% of the UK Roseate Tern population. 

Coquet Island off the coast near Amble
 The market was just packing up when I arrived in Amble, which gives the impression of a busy little town. Time to do my washing and planning tonight.